Feel-Good Friday

Meet Idit Harel Segal, a kindergarten teacher in Israel.

Idit wanted to make her fiftieth birthday meaningful, so she decided to donate a kidney to a three-year old Palestinian boy.

Yeah, this story is going to brush up a lot of dust.

In memory of her late grandfather, Segal decided to donate a kidney. The life-saving gift Segal offered not only aligns with her Jewish faith—but was her way of extending an olive branch as well, because the kidney recipient was a 3-year-old Palestinian boy from the Gaza Strip.

What an amazing gesture from an amazing woman.

With all the pieces in place, the surgery was scheduled for June 16, 2021, but before that, Segal wanted to make sure the little boy would know just how much giving this particular gift meant to her when he grew older, so she sent him a letter.

“You don’t know me… You don’t understand my language and I don’t understand yours, but soon we’ll be very close because my kidney will be in your body,” she wrote. “I hope with all my heart that this surgery will succeed and you will live a long and healthy and meaningful life.”

There are still many truly good people on this planet, and they are doing very good deeds.

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