Jeb! Is Back, Now With More Moxie!

Jeb! Bush, arguably the worst “Republican” politician in American history, claimed President Trump’s immigration policies led to less U.S. medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

What the actual f**k is that supposed to mean?

In a Tuesday tweet, open borders advocate and losing GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush accused President Donald Trump’s “exclusionary immigration” policies of holding back America’s medal count at the Tokyo Olympics.

The former Florida Governor’s August 3 tweet revealed that he somehow imagines Trump’s immigration policies have prevented U.S. athletes from achieving even greater heights.

“I wonder how our medal totals would be if we had an exclusionary immigration system which we have had for the last few years. My heart swells for all of our medalists, including those whose families have come from far off lands to love our country,” Bush wrote.

Hey dumbass, if these people were Olympic caliber athletes, I’m fairly certain they would have made been added to the rosters of their country of origin. I mean, are you really that dense?

The claim that our medal count is off, though, makes little sense. Even as he wrote his tweet, the U.S. was the leader in medals, taking 79 total, with 25 golds, 31 silvers, and 23 bronzes. Only China came close with 32 golds, 22 silvers, and 16 bronzes for a total of 70 medals.

Imagine hating President Trump so much that you blame everything on the man. This is why everyone hates you, this is why you’ll never be president, and this is why you need to ask people to, “Please clap.”

14 thoughts on “Jeb! Is Back, Now With More Moxie!

  1. We coulda got a few more in the high jump and swimming I’d bet. At least, the ones he wants have to be decent at jumping walls and swimming rivers.
    Plus, we’d get new voters, Jeb! hates the pld ones.
    Of course under Biden’s policies, we’re losing Cubans who coulda got us some boating medals.


  2. WTF is wrong with this guy. 8-10 years ago I liked Jeb. He seemed like a good person and a decent politician and I thought he would have a decent shot at President. Boy has he sure changed my opinion since then.

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  3. Coincidence! I just today threw away Jeb’s brother’s self-serving autobiography, Decision Points. It had been under my bed for a few years, and as Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t spark joy, into the trash it goes. Jeb! and GWB mostly just spark regret. What a couple of clowns.


  4. Mike AKA Proof – I wish Berry would hit Rapinoe with a hammer.

    Cathy – Preferably where Orcas reside.

    Mushdogs – Like Hannibal Lecter.

    Veeshir – Plus a few sprinters, running away from the Border Patrol.

    MelP – Not much of a difference.

    Ingineer – My guess it came from GHWB, and they all fell into the Trump is Bad contingent.

    Mitch – The only autobiography I ever really wanted to read was that of U.S. Grant. I hear it’s very good. Bushies? No thanks.


  5. Another globalist nutjob trying to destroy the country by spewing nonsense. Illegal aliens consume more than they produce for this nation. JEB should be forced to live with a couple of dozen MS-13 members.


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