Wisconsin Man Loses Mind, Wins Record

Meet Donald Gorske. Donald has spent the last fifty years eating two McDonald’s Big Macs every single day. This insanity eventually rewarded Gorske with a Guinness World Record, probably because no one else would ever do something so idiotic.

Donald Gorske, a self-described Big Mac enthusiast in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin who set the Guinness World Record in 2016 for the most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime (28,788) has happily broken his own record in 2021 by consuming an incredible total of 32,340 Big Macs just five years later. Gorske stated that he has eaten a Big Mac twice a day for the past 50 years just because he likes them.

Gorske started eating Big Macs in 1972 and has kept track of every burger he’s eaten.

One wonders what his septic system looks like. I’d wager it’s been clogged since 1984.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Man Loses Mind, Wins Record

  1. It has been at least two decades since I ate anything from McDonald’s other than their Egg McMaggot. And I haven’t had one of them for several years.

    Missing it? Nope.


  2. I love quarter pounders with cheese and big macs. Both make me sick if I eat them, so I haven’t had one in at least ten years, probably more. This guy is insane. TXNick – will have to remember the Egg McMaggot, hadn’t heard that one. +1 for you.


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