Hoosier Daddy?

Meet Thessalonica Allen of LaPorte, Indiana.

Thessalonica, if that IS her real name, has been arrested after “allegedly” shooting her husband, and forcing her children – both under the age of sixteen – to help dispose of the body.

Thessalonica Allen, 34, is alleged to have fatally shot Randy Allen inside the married couple’s home while her two children, both of whom were only identified as being under the age of 16, were inside the LaPorte apartment, multiple local news stations have reported.

Investigators who spoke to the children said both reported hearing a “loud bang” and running into their mother’s bedroom where they found Allen lying on the floor begging them to call 911, but their mother told them not to and sent them back to their rooms.

So Thessalonica “allegedly” left her husband to die in the bedroom.

Later in the same night, Thessalonica allegedly woke the two children up and told them to help her drag Randy Allen’s corpse outside the house and into his car, but the three were unable to move the body because it was too heavy.

The children reportedly told detectives that Thessalonica went out the next day and brought back an assortment of cleaning supplies as well as an ax, which she allegedly used to dismember Randy Allen’s corpse. The suspect then had the kids help her place the pieces of the dismembered body in a tote bag.

Look, I get the children are underaged, but in my humble opinion, these kids are just guilty as their mother. They obviously know the difference between right and wrong, and they did nothing to help their father, or at least call an ambulance. All three should rot in jail.

5 thoughts on “Hoosier Daddy?

  1. Did you ever try to argue with your mother when she was really really pissed-off? This cretin had a gun & an ax & was really pissed-off.


  2. If she did successfully get rid of the body that night? How long before one or both of the kids would have aroused her ire and been victim #2? My guess is they both would have been dead within the week. Dead kids cannot testify against you.

    I would have went back to my room, put on my shoes, grabbed my sibling, and ran to the nearest phone. But I had a normal upbringing in a normal neighborhood with loving parents. Something I think these kids never experienced.


  3. Cathy – If there is any justice in this world, she’d get the death penalty. But there isn’t, and she’ll probably get ten years, tops.

    RD – One wonders if there ever was abuse. My first instinct is she’s using that for leniency.


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