Don’t Kids Play Video Games Anymore?

A 13-year old called police to a San Bernardino cemetery to confess he killed three people. The call was a fake to lure officers to the location so the teenager could kill them. Lovely

The teenager called police just before 2 p.m. from Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, at 211 E. 9th St., and said he had killed three people, San Bernardino police said in a statement. He then told dispatchers that if the responding officers don’t kill him, “I’ll have to kill them,” then fired several shots while on the call, police said, with bystanders about.

“Despite the suspect’s provocation, the officers maintained containment for an extended period of time and continued their efforts to end the incident peacefully by establishing a dialogue,” police said in the statement. “Although officers gave numerous commands to drop the gun, the suspect failed to comply.”

At one point, police said, the boy pointed a gun at officers, prompting at least one officer to shoot the boy. The teen was hit once by gunfire and hospitalized.

They should have popped the kid in the melon, in my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Kids Play Video Games Anymore?

  1. All you guys need to stay safe, vigilant, and be careful out there. The world wants to kill you. We, however, do not.

    It would be tough to shoot a kid, but you do what you have to do when somebody wants to kill you.

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  2. My personal opinion is that if a kid reaches teen age and has the attitude that killing people is gonna be fun, he/she is a lost cause and extreme measures are necessary to protect the public. Wing him if possible, take him out if necessary. Tough call to make.

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