Welcome To Birdland

On Saturday night, the boys and I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a Baltimore Orioles game. We’ve been trying to attend at least one game a year – Covid screwed us out of last year’s game – because we’re big O’s fans, and because Camden Yards is one of the best stadiums in baseball.

It also didn’t hurt that there was a bobblehead giveaway (left).

I was apprehensive on the ride down I-95 because there was rain in the forecast. We’ve been lucky in Baltimore with the weather, and while is did eventually rain, it was not hard enough – phrasing – to stop the game. Our seats were in left field, and we had cover from the bleachers above. The seats were pretty great, considering…

The bobbleheads were for fans 15 years and older – which I thought was a dumb idea, so when Kevin got screwed out of one, I gave him mine.

The workers at the gate actually asked how old the kids were, and I was honest about Kevin. Moments later, Kyle and Erik both trashed me. “You should have said he was fifteen, idiot!” They were probably right, but the kids each got a bobblehead, so that’s all that mattered.

The game was great for the first three innings. The Orioles were playing well, and leading the Tampa Bay Rays for a while. Tamps made it 5-3, and the middle innings were fairly uneventful. Late in the game, Tampa hit a grand slam, then another solo homer. The final score was 12-3. Aargh!

While walking to the car, the kids said I lost my game choice privileges. We saw Tampa last time and it was also a rout. Kyle, Erik, and Kevin said I cannot pick the opponent anymore, and Kyle said we’ll find the worst possible team to see next year.

Eh, it was still a good game, and it’s always great going to Camden Yards. The nearly three-hour ride home was tiring, but the experience was totally worth it.

7 thoughts on “Welcome To Birdland

  1. Nice you and the boys had an evening together. It’s always better when your team wins but the best part is being with family.


  2. Your photo reminds me of the many games I watched the Cubs play from the right field bleachers, where you could get in (after sitting and waiting on the sidewalk before the game on Waveland Avenue) for TWO DOLLARS (mid 70’s prices). Not really a baseball fan anymore, but I do catch Nippon Professional Baseball once in a while on FS2.


  3. Ronni – Agreed. It was a nice night out, and they played hard early on. And the kids had fun.

    Jimbob – I’m not as much a fan as i was in college, but I still love the Os. Warts and all.


  4. Camden Yards is a nice stadium but I have bad memories of it.
    That’s the first stadium where they told me I couldn’t smoke.
    I was stunned. But I’m outside!


  5. It’s good you told the truth about Kevin’s age. Your kids seeing you tell the truth when it costs you something will make a lasting impression. Giving Kevin your bobblehead was icing on the cake.


  6. Tampa Bay Rays used to be good. But then again, so was baseball when it was a sport. Now it has been reduced to a business. Woke at that. There are no rivalries anymore. Players bounce around for the money. At least I have my Evan Longoria bobblehead as a reminder.


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