This Stunt Went Swimmingly

An Athens, Alabama woman was arrested after climbing into a water tower to swim during a hot day.

A woman went for a night swim Thursday inside a 70-foot high water tank filled with 350,000 gallons of water. According to the City of Athens, retired police officer Doug Duren lives nearby and saw the woman break into a fence barrier and climb a ladder to the top of the tank.

Firefighters climbed the tank to convince the woman swimming inside to come to them. They were able to get her out with a harness and helped her down the ladder to safety.

Employees with the wastewater department drained the tank overnight so it could be sanitized.

Oh, I’m sure her hygiene is above reproach. How about you send me a few photos of this chick and I will make a medical evaluation from my basement, er, home office.

4 thoughts on “This Stunt Went Swimmingly

  1. I wonder how long she would have lasted before realizing she had no way to get out and was going to drown. People have no common sense!


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