Um, Thank You, Drive Through

A Missouri man slammed into a Conoco station and continued into the store, striking two people.

One person was injured earlier today when a passenger vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver swerved off the roadway near Independence Avenue and Woodland, striking a pedestrian light pole on the sidewalk.

According to witness reports, the driver then panicked hitting the gas and careening into the store, striking the front sales counter. The clerk suffered a broken leg in the accident and was transported to an area hospital. Another man was pinned by the car up against a counter.

There is some good news. The driver walked away without a scratch…

The man allegedly took two beers from the cooler, refused medical treatment at the scene and walked eastbound on the Avenue.

The dude refused medical attention because the beer was going to take the edge off.

8 thoughts on “Um, Thank You, Drive Through

  1. No license. Definitely no insurance. Probably does not work. Couldn’t even qualify for a job as a door stop. Typical waste of oxygen. Good for news articles & nothing else.


  2. “The female driver of the car did not possess an Operators License and was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.”

    What? No Female Driver Jokes?
    It is like I don’t even know you people anymore!


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