Naked Woman Touched By God

Meet Nita Marie, an OnlyFans model – I honestly don’t know what that means – who believes God wants her to strip off her clothes to entertain the men of the interwebz.

Nita Marie, a self-proclaimed Christian OnlyFans model, asserts that stripping for strangers online is what “God wants me to do.”

“I asked God if I should continue stripping off and the answer was always yes,” the Colorado resident, 45, told Jam Press. Marie believes it’s her divine mission to empower other women to embrace their sexuality.

I mean, I’m all for women empowering their sexuality – send pics! – and while God may want her to continue stripping online, I sincerely doubt God specifically told her to do so. Call me crazy.

The Godly model, who has 953,000 followers and earns $1.8 million a year, found Christianity after having a dream about Jesus when she was 9 years old. Although she was not raised in a religious household, she became more spiritual and tried to build a relationship with Christ — without all the misogyny.

“Without al the misogyny?” Has this dolt ever read anything about Jesus? Does Marie think Jesus was a misogynist? I’m all for her following Christ, but good grief, she knows nothing about Christianity.

The only thing Marie learned from the Bible is that “her cups runneth over.”

5 thoughts on “Naked Woman Touched By God

  1. She’s definitely hot. She definitely causes me to lust in my heart like Jimmy Carter did. But, she’s actually not the only slut to cause such a reaction. I feel sorry for her not understanding basics.


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