Speaking Of Boobs…

Mentally-imbalanced CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo is not having a good August. First, his sexual predator brother was forced to resign as New York governor, and now his female viewers jumped ship. I guess they assumed Fredo is just as dirty as Andrew.

Before he departed for his annual birthday trip, however, women departed his show: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week — after the Tuesday morning announcement of [New York Attorney General Letitia] James’ findings regarding the governor — “Cuomo Prime Time” averaged 453,000 total female viewers, of whom just 76,000 were in the advertiser-coveted age demographic of 25 to 54, according to Nielsen Media Research ratings data.

I don’t want to be the grammar Nazi, but good grief, this paragraph-long run-on sentence is awful, even for an MSN reporter.

In total female viewers, that’s a 21% decrease from his second-quarter average of 570,000 and in the demo, it’s a 41% decrease from his second-quarter average of 128,000.

But wait, there’s more!

James’ report last week also confirmed that the journalist testified in the independent investigation into his brother’s behavior, confirming reporting from earlier this year that he strategized with the governor’s team on how to deal with the accusations. (H/T – The Lovely And Talented MelP)

Funny how Fredo still has a job, because any other “journalist” would have been fired for offering advice on how to trash an accuser. Not to mention the seediness of allowing Fredo to interview his own brother during the Covid crisis.

6 thoughts on “Speaking Of Boobs…

  1. I have always liked boobs. I won’t deny it. But, “Come on man…” Fredo is one of the biggest boobs of all and amazingly, I have found a boob I really don’t like. It’s creepy to even look at, even if it bounces up and down.


  2. Mike AKA Proof – And yet, Bezos and Company had zero problems with it. I am reveling in Cuomo’s lost audience, though.

    RG – Both Cuomos should have been fired from their perspective jobs years ago.


  3. No way will they fire Chris Cuomo.

    He has a Huge Audience, and from his office in NYC he has access to the highest offices in NY State through his Brother Andrew, the Governor. They will never fire …. Wait a minute …

    No brother? No audience?
    Fredo better not go fishing any time soon.

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