Fascism Is Alive And Well

The City of Philadelphia is effectively forcing the Chinese Wuhan Virus vaccine on all its employees, and employees need to be vaccinated before September 1st.

Good luck with that, since it takes three weeks to get the second shot.

As of September 1, 2021, all City employees will be required to provide proof that they’ve completed their schedule of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Papers, please! Imagine a city believing they can force a vaccine on its employees, whether they like it or not. A vaccine where we don’t know the side effects, or the long-lasting issues. It’s fascism, straight up.

Employees may provide a copy of their official vaccination card or other appropriate medical documentation – this can be uploaded in OnePhilly through Employee Self-Service or presented to the employee’s HR manager by this date.

How about I tell you I’m vaccinated after I am forced to get the shot, and you nod your head in agreement. The best part is the city will force Draconian measures against you if you do not get the vaccine. For instance, you would have to wear a surgical mask and a cloth mask at all times. You would also be subject to Covid testing any time the city decides it’s your turn.

Oh, and if you’re vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask, because this city is run by morons.

Starting today, in public areas of City buildings, all City employees and members of the public will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. This is consistent with the City’s new mask mandate which states that masks are required to be worn indoors unless proof of vaccination is required for entry.

The proof of vaccination mandate is the most hysterical part of this nonsense. If I walk into a business which demands I show my papers, I fully intend to turn around, walk out, and never come back. This mayor is a POS, but for the time being I have to follow his idiotic mandates. I do not have to kneel before some businessman.

Finally, for those reading who think I’m being foolish for not getting the vaccine, I survived Covid once, and I can survive it again. This is still America – for the time being – and we still have our freedoms. Also, for those who think I should just quit, no chance. I’m staying to the last day, because I’m not giving back one red cent to this godawful city and its corrupt politicians.

14 thoughts on “Fascism Is Alive And Well

  1. anyone who thinks you’re foolish for not getting an experimental vaccine, with numerous, documented side effects, where the manufacturers how ZERO liability, for a virus you’ve ALREADY had and recovered from, and where the survival rate for most people is greater than 99%, AND where therapeutics exist, is a damn fool at best.


  2. Ronni – I’m going to have to get the shot, because the city will make our loves miserable if we don’t. One of our supervisors told us they could assign you in the attendance sheet as AWOL if you come to work without a vaccination. I mean, I would be at work, but they would not pay me.

    I have no idea how this is legal, but the city will make it legal. Our FOP is doing nothing to support us, so who can I turn to? All the power is with the Democrats. That said, if I’m one of those who get blood clots after the vaccination, at least my family will own this city afterward.

    Max – I’m in decent shape; 5’9″, 185 pounds. I walk, jog, or cycle every day between four and ten miles. I caught the Covid, lived through it, and had no serious after effects. I don’t want this vaccine. I don’t need this vaccine, and the half life for antibodies is 200 days. I look at it this way: if doctors and nurses aren’t taking it – and many are not – why should I?

    One of the more infuriating things about this is the local “conservative” talkers have been silent about this. They whine about the vaccine all day, but when it’s the cops who are forced to get it, they clam up. Mrs. Earp thinks I’m kidding when I tell her we’re moving. I am dead serious. If I have to go alone, I’ll do it, because Philadelphia is the worst city in America. It just doesn’t get the coverage.

    Mitchell – Never going to happen. I’ll do what they tell me, because that ensures these pricks give me every cent owed. I will say this, though; if the department thought I was slacking before this, wait until they see how hard I work when I get back from vacation. I still don’t see how this is legal, because if they can force vaccinations on us, what else can they enforce on the citizens?


    1. If you’ve already had it get the blood test for antibodies. If this shows positive use that for your vaccine card. You already have more protection than this “vaccine” provides.

      Other options is to threaten a lawsuit for violating the Nuremberg Code since this is still an experimental drug. Long term effects are unknown.


      1. I had it in April, and I cannot get the vaccine for another week, according to the docs. If I get the first shot, I’m covered. It’s still bullshit, though. If they can force you to take a vaccine, they can force you to do anything.


  3. I read this morning that the idiots in DC are considering forcing people to show their vaccination passports to go from one state to another. But ask them about all the Covid + people that are coming across the border? Pfft!


  4. MelP – Exactly. The Covid rise in America isn’t from unvaccinated citizens. It’s from the Lambda-encrusted illegals coming from South America, all being welcomed by the illegitimate president.

    I will show my vax card once – to my supervisor – and it will then stay in my house. I am not showing my papers to the Stasi. My maternal grandparents and their parents fled Czechoslovakia when they realized WWI was about to boil over. Some of their relatives were oppressed by the Nazis. That’s not happening to me, and I am not showing my vax card to some business owner. The HIPPA laws still apply, and they are not my employer.


  5. When someone asks me if I “got the shot,” I merely reply, “No. I am in the control group. This is not a vaccine, it is an experiment. We guinea pigs are exempt.”


  6. TXNick – I’ll be the one who gets a blot clot and kicks days afterward. I also read at a few places which claim the Lambda variant is resistant to the vaccine. But hey, at least we’re still welcoming illegals infected with it into the U.S.


  7. Have you discussed this with your Priest?

    They may be insane, but their Philadelphia Lawyers will tell them that they have to honor sincerely held religious beliefs. The current vaccines have all been created using cell lines that are from aborted fetal tissue. There is no aborted fetal tissue in the manufactured vaccine, but aborted fetal tissue created the cell line used in the creation of the vaccine. If you and your Family object to products using aborted tissue anywhere in the development, they should honor your objection.

    (At least until there is a vaccine developed without the use of aborted fetal tissue. Then you get to go to the head of the line to test out a new, completely untried vaccine.)

    Caveats. 1. I am not a lawyer, and for all you know, I am a 13 year old Bacha Bazi posting from a boiler room operation in Shitcanistan for money. Do not take my advice without running past your lawyer, the FOP lawyers, and your Priest.
    2. I got the Moderna. No side efects so far.

    Good Luck. I hope there are no side effects. Make sure you file a letter with the FOP, City and your attorney objecting to the jab, with ALL your reasons why.


  8. If only we had Repub leadership that had to balls to do what the dems do and say get in power and then mandate that everyone must own a gun as part of the militia…would then see just how fast they “oppose” mandates


    1. Yavol min Fuher. I have yellow syringe patch’s to sew on clothing for sale cheap. According to lawyers on fake news it is not a HEPA violation because its yourself telling about your vaccine not a third party telling someone else about your medical issue


      1. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that Philadelphia’s corrupt mayors have no problem forcing their policies on their employees. Going into the DROP was the best move I ever made.


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