It’s Rock Opera Sunday

So, as I mentioned a few days ago, Julia was given an acoustic guitar by my brother-in-law about two months ago. Julia went wild for it, and since she already plays the drums in the school band, figuring out the chords was not very difficult. It makes me very happy because my mother was a piano player, and it’s nice to see Julia continuing with music.

For the last two months, she has been sitting in her room, practicing online. There are a few internet sites which will show you how to play almost any song. Julia’s favorite band is Queen, but lately she has been drawn to rock, heavy metal and grunge. She has been tinkering with many songs, but Julia believes her best work is Master of Puppets from Metallica.

I’ve been begging her to play something on camera for the blog, and yesterday she agreed. Obviously, Master of Puppets sounds better on an electric guitar, but I think she does a great job. The song is eight minutes long, so I stopped her at four minutes.

I know this is not a big Metallica crowd, but the original song is above the video. Enjoy!

Two months. All self-taught, with some help from Uncle Mike.

8 thoughts on “It’s Rock Opera Sunday

  1. I’m always impressed with anyone who is able to play an instrument… My attempt at playing the sax went something like this, I play one note and my brother shouted from across the house, “You suck!!” It was a short career…


  2. I think its Great! This old man appreciates many music styles and Metallica and Queen are on the list. Hope she continues to enjoy playing.


  3. Sully – Since I am a loving and doting father, every time I hear make a mistake, I yell, “Boo! Got off the stage.” She’s not a fan of that.

    Edward – My first Metallica cassette – heh, cassettes – was Ride The Lightning. Such a great album. Julia is pushing for an electric guitar now, so we’ll see how that goes.


  4. All that by ear? She’s a natural. If you haven’t already guessed by my name and avatar picture, I play trombone…been playing it for over 40 years in bands, orchestras, big bands, drum crops, etc. I’ve played with some of the best talent around. She’s a natural and that’s awesome!


    1. Kyle played trombone in the school band for four years. We didn’t think he would be able to raise it since he was so small. He loved playing it though and was pretty good.

      Erik and Julia played drums for the band, and she dabbled with our electric keyboard for a while too


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