Philly College About To Lose Money

Philadelphia’s Saint Joseph’s University – my Alma mater – is about to reap the consequences of going full-woke. A small, but wealthy group of alumni have decided they will no longer donate to the university; at least until they jettison their woke culture.

As an alumnus of SJU, I think this is a fantastic idea. If you want to make change, you need to hit colleges in the wallet.

A half-century after they graduated, several St. Joseph’s University alumni returned to campus Friday with signs and a message: They said they and others were willing to withhold possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations because of what they perceive as the school’s move toward the far left.

In a letter delivered to university leaders at an alumni luncheon, the six alumni, spanning the graduating classes of 1968 to 1973, cited “the creeping illness that seems to be taking over the college where we learned important Jesuit values of being men for others.”

I sincerely hope this works, because SJU has been swirling the woke sewer for years. It no longer resembles the school I attended, and no longer resembles the Jesuit traditions on which it was founded.

They were particularly upset that the university removed Gregory Manco, a visiting assistant math professor and assistant baseball coach, from the classroom after his anonymous posts on social media in February against reparations for slavery and race and bias training. The university ultimately did not renew his contract, even though an investigation found there was insufficient evidence to conclude definitively that bias was shown.

I posted about Professor Manco in March, when the university canceled Manco after a few adult babies complained about his conservative tweets. You see, conservatives are not welcome at SJU, and it’s been that way for a long time.

Collectively, the withheld donations of the six alumni are in the six-figure range, said James A. Henwood, 72, a retired Philadelphia city police lieutenant who graduated from St. Joe’s in 1971. Henwood declined to say how much he was withholding, but said he was taking the university out of his estate plan. (H/T – The Godfather)

Thank you Lieutenant Henwood! I really enjoyed my time at SJU. I made a lot of friends – most of whom abandoned me when they found out I was a conservative – played lacrosse (which helped me become a coach,) and learned a lot from some terribly good professors.

That said, SJU could learn something from this; specifically, they could just teach the curriculum without the woke leftist bias.

12 thoughts on “Philly College About To Lose Money

  1. Are there good colleges that don’t bend over for the woke. I’m sure there are alot of students who want an education minus the woke bs.


  2. Cathy – There are certainly some, but not a lot. When the government took over student loans, the cost of college skyrocketed, and the colleges got their orders from D.C.


  3. Funny how we run parallel paths…I used to donate substantially to UNC, my alma mater, but over the last 10 years, they have gone full”woke”….never getting another penny…


  4. Anybody here remember Ward Churchill? Fine professor from the University of Colorado. He’s one of the original woke assholes. I told the university they would never see a dime from me. EVER. Unless they fired him and gave him no severance. He eventually got fired, but that was after all sorts of crap came out about the guy and what a phony he was. They did give him a “package.” He sued and actually won and the jury awarded him $1. All this wokeness is horseshit. I think learning to be a plumber or electrician is far more sensible than going to college and getting your brain turned to mush.


  5. Doc – Same here. It’s about time people started voting with their wallets. You don’t want to follow the school ac founded, fine. Don’t expect heavy donations when you do.

    Veeshir – It amazes me when Catholic universities take a hard left turn. As if the Woke Pope speaks for every Pope and every Catholic. I doubt there is anything resembling Catholicism and/or Christianity there anymore.

    RG – He called the 9/11 victims Little Eichmanns, which is ironic, as I am currently reading a book on Heinrich Himmler. Eichmann was one of main Nazis who put together the “final solution.” Sadly Ward Churchill is still alive.


  6. I used to be a supervisor (26 years to be exact). I’ve hired people with college degrees & others with degrees in the school of hard knocks. With the exception of 1, every last damn one with a degree was worthless at the t*ts on a boar. And the worst one was going back for a Masters degree and she was dumber than Joe *& AOC combined.


    1. I’m in favor of the various ‘studies’ degrees, like race, gender and the rest.
      It tells you who not to hire. Those folks are nitwits and useles with the added attraction of a lawsuit against their employers waiting to happen.


    2. Dumber than Joe & AOC? Do they have to be told to keep breathing because they aren’t smart enough to do it naturally?


  7. MelP – When I was at SJU, they didn’t have any of these phony degrees – except mine, Criminal justice, which was useless. We saw the writing on the wall, though, when I and my staff of the school newspaper were forced to appear at an African-American event where they belittled us for making a joke about Lethal Weapon 2 in a Top ten List. As Editor-in-Chief, I effectively told them to calm their tits, and said little more than that. In my four years there, the tuition doubled.

    Veeshir – In hindsight, I should have joined the force out of high school. If I did, I’d be retired by now. I learned a lot at SJU, but it didn’t really get me anywhere in the real world.


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