On A Winger And A Prayer

So this is really a nothing post, but I decided to put it in the rotation because of the hoor involved. Apparently, Debra Winger was cast in “A League of their Own” as the main character, which eventually went to Geena Davis.

Why did Davis get the role? Well, because Winger quit when she heard Madonna was cast as a player.

Oscar-nominated actress Debra Winger quit the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own” because Madonna was cast in the women’s baseball dramedy.

According to the Telegraph, Winger was starring in the role of Dottie, which was eventually taken over by Geena Davis.

Serious actress Winger even trained with the Chicago Cubs for three months, but when director Penny Marshall cast Madonna, Winger felt Marshall was making fluff — “an Elvis film.”

I can’t say I blame Winger. There are a few really talented actresses in the film, and Madonna is not one of them. Also, for the record, I have seen the film, and I thought it was awful. Tom Hanks had a few good lines, but my god, it is just an unbearable film, in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “On A Winger And A Prayer

  1. I love hearing this kind of stuff, knowing that she was 100% right. As for Debra Winger… like a screen door in a hurricane, but then, I’m an old pervert.


  2. I never saw the flick…. because madonna was in it.

    And yep, I would have banged Miss Debbie in my and her youth, like a carpetbomb mission from a B-52 on the tali-whacker-ban.


  3. You know, I liked that movie and I thought Madonna did a good job.
    She played a slut so it was right up her alleys.

    That whole cast was about as SJW as you could get and I personally despise them all, I was surprised I didn’t hate it.

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