Love Roller Coaster

The last day of summer vacation is always the worst day of vacation. I have to go back to work tomorrow, and from what I’ve been hearing, there are worse problems there now than the forced vaccines. Luckily, I couldn’t care less, because we finished my vacation with a two-day trip to Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA.

We’ve never been there, but it has been recommended to me by a lot of my friends and coworkers, so we decided to take the two and a half hour trek upstate to see what all the hubbub was about. The first thing we noticed was you can enter the park for free, and like a carnival, you can either purchase tickets for rides you want to see, or buy the arm band and ride everything. We selected the latter.

The weather in the Poconos was foreboding. The weather channel said there was at least a 50% chance of rain for both days, but Tuesday was gorgeous, and Wednesday’s rain didn’t come until 5pm. We lucked out. In the meantime, we hit all three roller coasters multiple times, rode the log flume multiple times, and discovered Julia is a roller coaster addict. When she couldn’t drag her brothers onto a coaster, she went by herself…

The park was nearly spotless, the atmosphere was always friendly, and the food and drinks were very reasonable. For lunch on Tuesday, the six of us each got a hot dog/chicken sandwich/burger and a drink, and it only cost us $38. That’s an amazing price compared to other parks.

We were exhausted Tuesday evening, and Kyle crashed on the hotel bed immediately. Kevin and I – Mrs. Earp, Princes P, and Erik were in another room – couldn’t fall asleep. I last saw the clock at 3:50am, and woke up around 9-ish, and since I was battling a migraine, I stayed away from the coasters early on Wednesday.

In the meantime, Kevin embraced roller coasters, and rode the ski lift up the mountain after swearing he would never go. All in all, it was two good days spent with the family, with a side order of thrill rides.

8 thoughts on “Love Roller Coaster

  1. Sounds like everyone had a good time. Glad you got some time away with the family. I love roller coasters, too. They were always my favorite ride!


  2. MelP – Caught some sunburn, but otherwise is was a great time. I hit every coaster at least once, but day two was limited. I think my brain was trying to settle from all the coasters the previous day.

    Ronni – The one pictured at the top was great. It went straight up then straight down to start. I hate going straight up an incline, but I couldn’t let Julia know that.


  3. Wow that sounds like a place to put on a list I am near 6 flags, Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens and they are always crowded and a bit dirty


  4. Sounds like a good time had by all. And knowing what you have to deal with at work, a welcome relief from idiocy.

    But I have you beat on the short-timer’s clock: 41 days to go. 🙂


  5. Gary – It’s very clean, the parking lot is located on a grass field acres long, the employees were great, and while some of them looked very rednecky, every one were amazingly polite.

    TXNick – Nice. To give you an idea of Julia’s favorite coaster, Impulse, here’s a POV version from YouTube.


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