The Taliban Are Just Like Us!

So, while the Taliban were retaking Afghanistan by barely firing a shot, some of the luckier militants spent their day at an amusement park, enjoying the rides, guns in hands.

A group of Taliban militants have allegedly burnt down an amusement park after they were seen enjoying its rides following their brutal capture of Kabul.

The militants, who were sporting weapons in hand, were seen laughing and having fun on electric bumper cars and spinning round on small merry-go-round horses.

Now, footage allegedly depicts the same amusement park up in flames after the militants set it on fire.

A Twitter user who shared the video claimed it was the Bokhdi Amusement Park in Sheberghan. The user claimed that the reason the rebel group burnt down the amusement park was that there were statues within it that were offensive to Islam.

So these pricks spent the day enjoying the amusement park, and then destroyed it when they were done. Sounds a little hypocritical to me, but hey, it’s their country. It could rot for all I care.

6 thoughts on “The Taliban Are Just Like Us!

  1. Amusement Parks are Haram. They have carousel horses and other staues that could maybe, possibly considered idolatrous. Therefore they must be destroyed. The militia leader that ordered it knew the amusement park was not owned by his clan or his tribe, so who cares?

    Islam is a serious religion, and humor is not allowed, — I am paraphrasing what an actual Imam said.


  2. RG – So is Leftism, and look where that got us. 14,000 Americans behind enemy lines.

    Cathy – Do you really trust the illegitimate president to nuke the right country?


    1. In my last comment I should change the word ideological to tyrannical and the word government to oppression. The same statement would still aply to the leftists. Look at the bright side, if any of those 14,000 can make it to the airport without getting killed or captured, at least the U.S. will let them go home if they can come up with $2000 for a ticket.

      Did I ever mention that Joe and the Hoe are complete disgraces not only to their offices, but to the country, the world, the entire human race, as well as the universe itself.


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