A Solid Business Model

OnlyFans, a UK website which features women posing provocatively, often sans clothing, has decided the company is going in a new direction. In short, they are removing pr0n. This is akin to going to an amusement park where all the rides are closed.

OnlyFans is going to have a new look this fall … the subscription site says it’s about to enact a ban on pornography.

The company says the ban on sexually explicit content is going in to effect Oct. 1 … and seemingly blames the decision on outside pressure, saying it’s making the big change to get in line with requests from banking partners and payout providers.

The company says it’s got to evolve to “ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans.”

I mean, I understand that OnlyFans wants to become legitimate – eyeroll – but if you remove the nudity, you’re going to be out of business by the end of week.

14 thoughts on “A Solid Business Model

  1. Cathy – I don’t get it. At all. It’s a stupid business decision, and it’s not like they didn’t know they wouldn’t get sponsors for the app.


  2. Mike – True enough. After Tuesday’s trek to Knoebels, we had dinner at Perkins. There were two people on wait staff, and it took a while for our food to get there. I still put up a good tip, because they were so overworked. It’s disgusting how many people refuse to get a job now, thanks to Biden’s free money.


  3. Way to go, snowflakes & #metoo. Not like I give a rat’s eyelash, but it sucks for all the red blooded straight men in the world.


  4. to host an inclusive community of creators and fans
    That’s the giveaway.
    It’ll be educational stuff on the reasons WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! and ROY G BIV colored hair people explain their deeply held belief in this gender they just thought of.
    It’ll last until the end of the day.


  5. TXNick – Fredo Corleone must be running the operation now.

    MelP – It appears every business in America is going full woke. The good news is Hollywood is dying, so maybe that will wake other businesses up.

    Veeshir – Maybe they think they can make money off women coming to their site. They chose… poorly.


  6. If these sights start following suit then we are going to wind up with an old fashioned row of magazines with things hiding the covers again so that the teenagers have to look around to make sure they can get away with sneaking a peak at the cover…ah the good old days


    1. I think I still have that issue, I also remember when Paulina Porizkova did her “spread” as well, when I played D&D the GM had a huge crush on her so to distract him I would bring out that issue…the crap I got away with in that game

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