Hasta La Vista, Arnold

Washed-up Hollywood actor and leftist stooge Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost sponsorship for his bodybuilding competition after he said “screw your freedom” while on a CNN interview.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost a corporate sponsor for his annual bodybuilding competition known as the Arnold Classic over comments the Hollywood star made attacking people who choose not to wear masks.

The founder of supplement maker Redcon1 has announced the company will no longer serve as a sponsor for any Schwarzenegger-affiliated events.

Get work, go broke.

“It’s with a heavy heart and some genuine sadness, that REDCON1 has decided to discontinue any and all support for the Arnold Classic and the other Arnold related events around the world,” founder Aaron Singerman wrote on Instagram.

He cited Schwarzenegger’s recent comments made during a CNN interview in which the Terminator star called people who don’t wear masks “schmucks.” Schwarzenegger also said “screw your freedom,” arguing that mask mandates are like traffic laws.

“Screw your freedom” sounds like something Schwarzenegger’s Nazi father would say. I guess the strudel doesn’t fall far from the tree.

4 thoughts on “Hasta La Vista, Arnold

  1. It was apparent Ahnold was a leftist when he married into the Kennedy Klan. As The Governator he was underwhelming. He should have kept reciting the lines scriptwriters made up for him instead of winging it on TV.


  2. I couldn’t believe he said that, I thought it was a paraphrase when I first saw the headline.
    His career was over already but hopefylly his endorsement income takes a nose-dive.


  3. TXNick – I thought he’d be good for California, but he turned into a squish almost overnight.

    Snuffy – Yeah, I’m sure that maid he was banging runs the site now.

    Veeshir – Maybe he figured, “F**k it.” His movie career has been DOA for a while, so why not drop the mask?


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