It Seems Sweden Has A Rodent Problem


A Swedish Tantra event is being criticized after a Chinese Wuhan Virus outbreak occurred during the festival. Apparently, the citizens of the world should be shut-in for the rest of their lives.

A SWEDISH sex festival has sparked a Covid outbreak with 100 randy revelers testing positive after the raunchy Tantra event.

Tantra at Ängsbacka 2021 was a week “solely dedicated to couples through transformational workshops, music, dance, conscious sexuality and meetings from the heart”.

If I remember correctly, Sweden did not shut down when the Chinese Wuhan Virus hit, and they did fairly well. They had 1.12 million cases, and only 14,668 deaths.

Cops are probing the X-rated event to see whether organizers put festival-goers at risk of being infected with coronavirus. Police were called by angry residents over fears that the festival was “causing danger to others’ health”.

It’s sad to see a rational country like Sweden turn into a bunch of tattletales. While they didn’t get overrun with Covid, they apparently get overrun with wannabe Nazis.

3 thoughts on “It Seems Sweden Has A Rodent Problem

  1. You can’t even have a fun, relaxing time without people worrying about getting infected. Wear your mask, worry about not harming others, get the darn vaccine and let the rest of us party on. ( I have been vaccinated.)


  2. Ronni – I’m all for the vax if that’s what people want. I have the antibodies, so there is no reason for me to get a vaccine, especially since it doesn’t work. If it did, then we wouldn’t have to get booster shots every six months.


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