If You Like Your Country, You Can’t Keep It

The illegitimate president has decided to welcome Afghan “refugees” into America after his disastrous actions in Afghanistan. These refugees have not been vetted, and we have no idea who these people are.

Hundreds of Afghans are headed to various states for permanent resettlement, including Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, among others.

Refugee contractors are working to quickly resettle tens of thousands of Afghans that President Joe Biden’s administration is fast-tracking into the U.S.

And in one swift stroke, the illegitimate president is guaranteeing Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas will never elect a Republican president again.

In addition, Afghans are being resettled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press, while New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has said Afghans will be resettled in his state as well. Busloads of Afghans, according to NJ.com, have already started arriving in New Jersey. (H/T – Victoria)

For those of you who think these “refugees” have been vetted, reread the last line above. If they’re already settling in New Jersey, there obviously was no vetting involved. The country is collapsing before our eyes, and not one single GOP politician gives a damn.

7 thoughts on “If You Like Your Country, You Can’t Keep It

  1. Back in the late 80s, we had a lot of Hmongs sent to the central valley in CA. They not only took over whole areas, the stray dog & cat population went down immensely. Of course, most landlords learned to only house them on the 1st floor of the apartments, so when they chopped up the floor to plant rice, the water didn’t mess up things in the apartments below them. True story, my landlord was one of them.


  2. We are receiving around 100 here in Davenport it was announced on the news. This is going to be quite the experiment. I am hoping they assimilate since they know the difference between the Taliban being in charge and the previous lame Afgan so called regime.


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