Gator? I Hardly Know Her!

A Florida man was driving his tractor mower near a pond when he observed an alligator and a nest of eggs. Instead of turning around, the driver allegedly killed the gator and destroyed many of the eggs.

I mean, I get gators are aggressive, but what the hell?

A man operating a tractor mower is accused of dropping the mower blades on a 6-foot alligator and destroying an active gator nest in Daytona Beach, according to investigators with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

A witness told wildlife officials he saw a large tractor with a mower attachment clearing brush around a retention pond. The witness stated he saw the driver scare off a 6-foot alligator by hitting the water with the mower blades and then continue on. However, the alligator crawled back onto the bank and the tractor operator then turned around and drove back toward the creature.

The witness said the driver again tried to scare the alligator back into the water but when the alligator moved farther up the bank, the driver dropped the mower deck on top of the alligator. The alligator went back into the water where an FWC officer found it suffering from mortal wounds.

Steven Dariff was arrested and charges for killing the alligator and destroying the eggs.

3 thoughts on “Gator? I Hardly Know Her!

  1. Surprised they arrested him considering he is a retired deputy under Chitwood in Volusia County and NY state fire fighter. Those guys love to throw around “professional courtesy”.


  2. What a waste of gumbo.

    I did a job in Flori-Duh back in the 1990’s on a power plant that used a twisty-turny loop as a cooling pond. It was infested with gators. During construction, some of the boys from Louisiana went out and caught (CAUGHT!) a fourteen footer. They knew it was fourteen feet because they flipped it on its back & held it down while one of them took a tape measure to it.

    Later, again during construction of the plant, the wildlife & fisheries had a couple of agents come out and look around. Seems security had found a dead gator and thought maybe someone was poaching after hours. The agents said no foul play was involved in the killing of that ten footer. Just a larger gator being territorial.


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