Joe Biden Is Truly A Class Act

During the botched, chaotic clusterf**k that was the surrender of Afghanistan, the illegitimate president left more than American citizens to fend for themselves; he also abandoned the Afghani who saved his life.

Thirteen years ago, Afghan interpreter Mohammed helped rescue then-Sen. Joe Biden and two other senators stranded in a remote Afghanistan valley after their helicopter was forced to land in a snowstorm. Now, Mohammed is asking President Biden to save him.

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,” Mohammed, who asked not to use his full name while in hiding, told The Wall Street Journal as the last Americans flew out of Kabul on Monday. “Don’t forget me here.”

This dementia-addled jackass wouldn’t bring back Americans trapped behind enemy lines; do you really believe he would bring back the man who saved his life?

Mohammed and his four children are hiding from the Taliban after his years-long attempt to get out of Afghanistan got tangled in the bureaucracy. They are among countless Afghan allies who were left behind when the U.S. ended its 20-year military campaign in Afghanistan on Monday.

Mohammed was a 36-year-old interpreter for the U.S. Army in 2008 when two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters made an emergency landing in Afghanistan during a blinding snowstorm. On board were three U.S. senators: Mr. Biden, the Delaware Democrat, John Kerry, (D., Mass.) and Chuck Hagel, (R., Neb.).

Mohammad and his crew drove to the location and rescued these worthless politicians. One wonders if the Taliban will find him and murder him for helping the United States.

Either way, Mohammad is a hero. Joe Biden? Not so much.

13 thoughts on “Joe Biden Is Truly A Class Act

  1. Did you see him checking his watch when the 13 service men & women were brought home in caskets?

    And when the few family members that did want to talk with him got into where he was, all he could do was interrupt them & talk about Beau. A writer over on American Thinker said if Beau hadn’t died from cancer, good ole Joe would’ve had to k!ll him to get the taking point.


  2. Our president has no morals or values when it comes to doing the right thing. How much damage are the dems going to let him do? Our allies don’t trust us any further than they can throw us. Everyone knows Biden lies and can’t be trusted. Who honestly voted for this imbecile? We need voter IDs and term limits.


  3. MelP – Biden let’s the low information voters think Beau died in battle. He was a JAG, a lawyer for the Navy. Beau was not a combat officer. At all. But, it makes for a great excuse for sympathy.

    Ronni – I was told 81 million people voted for him; the most of any president in American history. Story like that has gotta be true. /eyeroll


  4. Apparently Glenn Beck is heading up a Christian civilian group to go rescue Americans left in Afghanistan. He’s raised enough ($ millions) to get a plane that would make the trip but the State Dept. laughed at him. We will hear more about this in coming days.


  5. Kitty – He was a hero; a flawed hero, but who of us are not flawed?

    Mike47 – One organization was ready to rescue Americans and the State Department claimed they would shoot the plane down if they landed at the airport. Our best and brightest.


    1. I haven’t read the article yet. I just assumed it was a good article. Ah, well, y’know what they say about assume…


  6. Can we now coin the phrase Bidencide…the act of leaving people behind to die so you don’t have to risk anything to get them out and risk a scandel?

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