True Detective Stories

Today begins my mystical journey at work. Yesterday, the drunken jackass mayor of Philadelphia implemented mandatory vaccinations for all city employees. If they refuse – or, resist – those employees will be forced to wear two masks at all time while working. Said employees will also be forced to take random Covid tests at the city’s whim.

I’m fully prepared for this ridiculous order, and I will gladly wear two masks, because 1. I have already had Covid, and 2. I have no desire to get a vaccine while I still have antibodies.

I am looking forward to the first time I have to answer the phone, or need to page someone in the office. With two masks on my face, I sincerely doubt anyone will understand me. Honestly, that’s fine by me.

Oh, in case you haven’t seen it, New York Magazine – yes New York Magazine!wrote an article claiming masks mostly don’t work, and especially so for children. The study was done by the CDC, but hey, let’s pretend masks work, even though I caught Covid from work while wearing a mask.

13 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Mike47 – I was at my doctor’s appointment this morning and mentioned the double-masking. To his credit, he replied, “So one isn’t enough???”

    Max – I have no desire to get it. I had Covid, I have antibodies, and I don’t know the side effects. Neither does anyone else.


  2. One of my friends on FB posted a diatribe from someone about “I don’t know what’s in any vaccine, but I get them anyway” garbage. I shut her down by telling her about a former employee of mine that got the flu vaccine several years ago & it put her into the hospital for a week, followed by a 2 week LOA. Damn thing almost killed her because it turned out she’s allergic to something that was in the shot.


  3. MelP – And that’s my issue. Mrs. Earp, Kyle, and Erik all got it – Kyle and Erik didn’t feel good the next day – but there are reports to it enlarging the hearts of some people. I have enough health issues without worrying about an enlarged heart, especially I had a fast heartbeat a few years ago.


  4. It’s not about the science. It isn’t about the risk.

    It is all about the grasping for power and making you obey their diktats, sensible, reasonable or not.

    One way they are maintaining their power is by scaring all the Moms and Grandmothers about Covid is going to kill your Kids! Covid doesn’t kill kids. After 20 months of the Chinese Coronavirus, Minnesota has had 3 unfortunate children die of COVID. 3 out of 123,000 children that had COVID. More children have often died of the yearly run of the mill flu each year. Sometimes it is 3 children dying of influenza in a week.


  5. RD – I specifically said we are not giving the vaccine to our 12 and 13-year old. No way. And despite the constant Tornado Warnings we received over the phone, we’re good. Mostly rain. some lightening, but that was it.


  6. It seems the only science that matters is their “political” science. Nothing to do with facts or results being repeatable but rather being the politically expedient way to make people obey. I am slowly ever slowly reaching the point where I will just allow my mind to follow through with what it is thinking. Not a good thought for me as my mind tends down some very dark and dangerous paths only having that damn Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder keeps me from just snaping


    1. It’s like Ronni said. This is all about power; nothing else. We’re being punished for voting in Trump, and this is their payback. Wasting a generation of children by keeping them indoors and masked.


  7. In 34 days the project where I work will institute their CDC approved mandate: either get the “vax” or be tested weekly (weakly?).

    I will be released in 28 days. 🙂

    Y’all have at it.


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