One Year Later…

Today is the first anniversary of my mother’s death.

Because I am a terrible son, I completely forgot today was September 4th, and Mrs. Earp had to remind me. I miss my mother very much, obviously, and she spent so much time with the kids – especially Kevin and Julia. They would both get excited when she came to babysit, because she would bring her tablet. The kids knew they would be playing video games on that thing the entire time mom was there.

My kids have only one grandparent left – Mrs. Earp’s mother – and I sorely wish the others were still with us. Today, like every September 4th, is a terrible day.

I don’t expect to be posting about mom every September 4th, but I am embarrassed and ashamed I forgot today was that awful 2020 day. Thank you for indulging me today.

6 thoughts on “One Year Later…

  1. Mike AKA Proof – It’s just an overall bad day. I’m at work, I had to get my first forced vax shot and my arm hurts, and Diego is more insufferable than usual. I just want to go home.


  2. Mike47 – Not a bad idea. I just thought I should remember that day, one year after

    Evan – Of the ten college football teams I follow, eight of them won yesterday. I’d like to think Mom had something to do with that.


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