Summer Has Unofficially Ended

Today is Labor Day, another fake holiday to satisfy the proles and the corrupt unions.

I mean, we all love a day off – and this year I am actually off today – but I’m starting to think we have far too many insignificant holidays. Labor Day being one of them. This isn’t the time of sweatshops – except for China – and while hard-working Americans enjoy a holiday, how many of these people are actually, truly working? Government employees? Public school teachers? Politicians?

How about we give the day off for construction workers, plumbers, electricians? How about office workers who have spend their days berated by management? How about the bosses work today, while the rest of us take the day off? Just a suggestion.

Yes, I know this rant is in vain, but I still believe this is a stupid holiday. Having said that, I plan on eating hot dogs and hamburgers in a few hours.

5 thoughts on “Summer Has Unofficially Ended

  1. We could cancel Labor Day and then honor some other useless left wing hero with a holiday. Maybe swap out the useless hero every 5-10 years. Or, maybe just an “Oh Crap, summer’s gone” holiday. On a better note, here’s to you and yours on enjoying the day with one another.


  2. I propose we celebrate “Robot Day”. Robots spot weld our automobiles, answer our phones, send us emails…in fact that do much of the labor we used to do! I’ve got robots that wash my clothes and my dishes for me. Other robots stoke my furnace, cook my food and fan me when it’s uncomfortably hot.
    They’re not getting Labor Day off.


  3. Mike AKA Proof – Yeah, but if we do that, they’ll think we need them and then SkyNet becomes a reality.

    RD – I love how the subtitle states, “It failed.” Yes, like everything communism touches.


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