State Department Refusing Evac Flights

REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
The illegitimate president, as well as the State Department and the Pentagon, have been refusing private organizations from recovering and evacuating American citizens left behind in Afghanistan. The movement was born when the illegitimate president decided they cannot – or will not – rescue Americans held behind enemy lines.

Under orders from the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon, the troops on the ground in Afghanistan presided over a partial, chaotic, and awful evacuation of American citizens and Afghan allies in the last days before the U.S. withdrew its military and diplomatic presence entirely from Afghanistan. Since then, private organizations have been trying desperately to rescue Americans, Afghan allies, and Afghans who converted to Christianity. The last two groups face imminent death. On Tuesday afternoon, Fox News reported that the State Department is refusing to grant approval for those charter flights.

So “President” Joe Biden is going to leave these Americans to die.

According to Fox News, the State Department is withholding the necessary approval that will allow privately chartered flights from Afghanistan to land in third countries. The administration is saying it’s too dangerous to let these planes land at Defense Department airbases:

The State Department refused to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan to land in third countries, even though the department conceded that official authorization would likely be needed for planes to land in those nations, an email reviewed by Fox News shows.

This administration will not lift a finger to rescue these Americans, or let private contractors rescue them. Do you think this administration would lift a finger to help you or your loved ones?

Furthermore, the State Department explicitly stated that charter flights, even those containing American citizens, would not be allowed to land at Defense Department (DOD) airbases. U.S. officials have pointed to possible security threats from landing charter planes at military bases, saying that they lack the resources on the ground to fully verify flight manifests.

That’s interesting, because the administration had no problem shoving hundreds of Afghanis into cargo planes without vetting them. I guess unknown Afghanis who may or not be Taliban soldiers don’t need a background check.

The author finishes with this:

I would posit that even more remain behind because, before the pullout, Biden himself admitted that there were 10,000 to 15,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan. In the end, those planes leaving Afghanistan before the U.S. pulled out carried only 6,000 Americans. I’m not good at math, but that tells me that 4,000 to 9,000 were left behind. (H/TJ.J. Sefton)

I’d wager the number is closer to 9,000 than 4,000. These people trusted their country and their president to bring them home, and the chances of that happening anytime soon is slim to none.

5 thoughts on “State Department Refusing Evac Flights

  1. Biden should be very worried about judgment day. (if he even understands the concept) The fact that he took his oath of office on a family Bible was apparently only for show according to his behavior once in office. He doesn’t give a rodent’s hiney about any of us.


  2. Remember, this is the “devout Catholic” that’s looking into stopping the heartbeat laws & keeping the abortion on demand mill running.


  3. Ronni – But, but, I’m told he’s a stringent practicing Catholic! He wouldn’t lie to the American people, would he?

    MelP – Yeah, but he’ll receive Communion on Sundays, because reasons.


  4. Does Joe even attend Mass anymore? I cannot see him interacting with the general public in a church, even admittedly the very limited interaction with an audience screeened by the Secret Service ahead of time.

    There has been a significant dearth of interviews with the happy evacuated US citizens, US Marines and Airborne Soldiers after they returned from Kabul. There should be Wall to Wall coverage of these heart-tugging human interest stories. This evcuation was the Biggest! Success! in! the! History! of! the! United! States! according to Senile Joe and Psycho Psaki. I have not seen any interviews yet. Am I missing them?

    There have been lots of interviews with 9/11 survivors and 9/11 widows and orphans this week. If Joe and his incompetent advisors expected us to forget his Afghanistan Cluster F!, it is not working.


  5. RD – Agreed. The man is a despicable piece of detritus, and he is singlehandedly destroying this country. It is amazing to watch your home be destroyed in real time.


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