Mine Your Own Business

A few Florida beachgoers were sunning themselves on the sand when someone found something very fishy on the beach.

A section of Florida beach was evacuated Thursday after residents found land mines in the area.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said residents found a mine against a sea wall in the South Beach area.

Luckily a wicked smaht resident brought a device cap to the scene.

Deputies said a second device cap was brought back by roadway by one of the residents.

Because who doesn’t want to carry around land mine parts?

The Air Force Bomb Squad removed both land mines without issues and they were taken to their base to destroy them.

Wow, the Chair Force responds to land mine calls? Do they land their fighters, plant some mines and head back off into the wild blue yonder?

14 thoughts on “Mine Your Own Business

  1. Mr. Grammar Person: “Sheesh! They found mines that washed up from the sea that got buried in the sand. If they found the wreckage of a boat, it doesn’t become a “land boat”, no matter how much sand you cover them with!” /rant
    I can’t believe the sheriff and everyone else calling these “land mines”! Sheesh, again!


  2. If only Florida man had hit it with a shovel then it would be a good story. Does there logic make the Air Force that removed the mines not the Ground or land Force? Asking so I can put the ice pick back in to make the pain stop.

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  3. If they are sea mines, they may have been AF mines layed by the Air Force off shore in practice runs?

    Remember the USAAF cut Japan off from its empire in 1944-195 by using B-29 bombers to lay thousands of mines in ports and the straits between the islands, and the ocean and the islands. They were (very) effectively starving the population of Japan by stranding and destroying its huge merchant marine and all trade.

    President Nixon finally got North Vietnam to sign the VN Peace Treaties by bombing the heck out of Hanoi and Haiphong and finally mining Haiphong harbor in 1972-73. Too bad LBJ’s big Johnson never had the balls to do that in 1967 or 1968. It may have been a different war if he did.

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  4. We got a LEO briefing years ago at Philly airport from a military explosive ordnance disposal guy about what to do with any and all military things that go boom.
    He said that DOD owns them from the cradle to the grave and to call them.

    I was stationed on Forrestal for two years in the mid seventies and just as I was going down into the bowels of the ship to go on watch, a passing enlisted sailor asked me what goes on down there.
    I told him I worked in an auxiliary machinery space and half the fresh water and a quarter of the ships electricity came from down there.
    I offered to show him around and he drew back and said it sounded too dangerous.
    Then I asked him what his job was and he said he worked in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


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