Twenty Years Gone

There is very little I can add concerning the September 11th attacks, because after twenty years there is nothing left to add. I would suggest we never forget and never forgive.

I guess there is one thing I could add; the Biden administration has not vetted any of the Afghanis who were lucky enough to get on a plane to America. The logical result of this debacle will likely lead to more terror attacks here and likely another massive 9/11 terror attack. I hope I am wrong, but I’m not.

15 thoughts on “Twenty Years Gone

  1. I wish I felt more than I do. I remember that day, driving to work in Anoka, MN and hearing Bob Edwards tell me a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I remember opening the coffee shop as usual, then being told by someone to turn on a TV immediately. I remember rage (I knew it was bin Laden immediately) and sorrow (first reports said it could be as many as 50,000 dead).

    Now I can’t feel anything. The America that pulled together and took its revenge is gone. New York, having rejuvenated itself and then declined back into a shithole, is not worth saving anymore and the people left there are barely my countrymen. And twenty years down the road, we were still in Afghanistan. Until we weren’t. And more men died because of an old man’s whim, based on using 9/11 as stagecraft to present imagery to me to goose the polling a bit in hopes of holding seats in 2022.

    In twenty years, we went from having hope even among the ashes, to the feeling that you can’t be too cynical.

    Anyway, a post office in Bloomington, MN is named after one of the guys on Flight 93. Tom Burnett. I may drive past it someday soon and remember a hero.


  2. Mitchell – I wasn’t even going to post about this today. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the politicization of this day. I’m tired of Americans trying to destroy this country.

    I put the flag at half mast, but it doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. You’re right. That America is gone.


  3. Joe Biden is so far gone to dementia, that they did not even risk scheduling him to speak even a few short words. The President of the United States, the supposed Leader of the Free World, silent, incapable of even muttering a few platitudes on this solemn day.

    It could be worse, he could have given a speech like George W. Bush:

    ”And we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home,” Bush said, seemingly referencing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

    Bush could have meant Antifa, and the Defund the Police movements, but I doubt it.

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    1. I saw that earlier. I cannot believe I thought he was an honest, decent man. And he certainly was not referring to Antifa or BLM. He was referring to conservatives.


  4. I just finished watching a six part series called “9/11: One Day in America” and it was excellent. It has video I have never seen and interviews with real people. A great depiction of the whole tragedy. It was done by National Geographic and the 9/11 Museum. I think I found it on Hulu, but it’s probably on National Geographic channel too.

    As for the speeches of today, I could barely watch the drivel I heard. I gave up and moved on. Most of the politicians speaking were ones I thought ought to be in jail. As for W, he looked a lot older, that’s for sure, and my opinion of him has changed dramatically. I hold no love for the man, but at least he isn’t Barack Obama, the guy serving a third term as president.


  5. 20 years ago the day had just started and our company accountant called down to us as asked if we heard that a plane had hit the towers. We all said no and she said to come to the 3rd floor as she had a small TV on and they were showing what happened, while we were watching it switched to a live feed of the area and we saw the 2nd plane hit. Most were just stunned and all I could think was well I guess we’re at war. We went downstairs and turned the radios to news stations and boom report of a plane hitting the Pentagon. We were @15 miles as the crow flies from the Pentagon, I wondered if there were more attacks coming and I heard about a plane that had vanished from radar coming down from Pennsylvania and I was wondering if that would hit the White House or the Capital (was really thinking it would hit Fort Detrick and really cause problems).
    Walked outside and I could hear a pin drop it was strangely quiet. At that point, I knew the world had changed in ways yet unknown, my world now included an unprovoked attack against innocents to go with other milestones, The Moon Landing, Assassination of MLK & RFK, TET offensive, Fall of Saigon, Ira n Hostages, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Tiananmen Square, Challenger Explosion, and so many others.
    And sadly no one seems to learn from these things, understand how they change not only the people but the culture. Those who do not learn from history ARE doomed to repeat it.

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  6. Gary – Mrs. Earp and I were taking Kyle to a doctor’s appointment. He was eight months old. When we were leaving we heard a plane hit the WTC, but assumed it was a piper. I was working the overnight shift, and I watched the towers come down.

    The next week or so, I was on a detail at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport, since they thought terrorists would be trying to steal planes.


  7. Did any of the geniuses in the Philly PD or maybe the Feds bother to tell you how to stop and disable a stolen plane before it takes off, AND give you the tools to do it?

    Or were you just posted out there to reassure the rubes that “All is Well!”?

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  8. Joe Biden has welcomed more unvetted immigrants into this country in the last eight and a half months than his three predecessors combined. If only the smallest fraction of them are like the Tsarnaevs, there will be blood and hell to pay.


  9. RD – Of course not. I just assumed I would shoot the plane until it blew up, like in the action films. It was actually scary, because everyone thought terrorists had infiltrated the east coast and were ready to kill more people.

    MelP – The worst part about that week was the department was more concerned about blowback against Muslims – which never happened – than the safety of the citizenry.

    Mike AKA Proof – I’d wager the usual suspects will be targeted. NYC, Boston, and D.C. They’ll skip Philly, because Philly is already destroyed. But I guarantee most of the Afghans Biden brought in are Taliban, or at least Taliban-curious.


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