This Pratt Is Truly A Prat

Meet Angelica Ana Rose Pratt of Kingman, Arizona.

Angelica is not the most stable person you could come across, and apparently the Arizona sun has short-circuited her brain. Thankfully, Angelica has an answer to her symptoms… cocktails!

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office arrested 36-year-old Angelica Ana Rose Pratt after video footage shows Pratt purchasing the glass jar used in the incident. Deputies responded to a possible arson call on Thursday around 8:30 a.m. The victim told police three different Molotov cocktails were thrown at his home and cars.

Angelica allegedly stalked the victim’s house through the night and apparently started throwing the Molotovs shortly after daybreak. What a way to start your day!

Two of the victim’s cars were damaged by the bombs. The total cost of damages was around $8,000, according to the victim. Witnesses said a silver SUV had been sitting outside the victim’s house multiple times early in the morning.

Pratt’s SUV was traced back to a home near Thompson and Lum avenues, where she was found. She was arrested and admitted to starting all three fires, MCSO said.

That’s a shame, because Angelica is such a beautiful woman. /eyeroll

6 thoughts on “This Pratt Is Truly A Prat

  1. Aw damn, I thought this was going to be about ❤️Chris❤️Pratt❤️, not another crazy Florid…I mean.,. Arizonan.

    And why tf would you buy the jars? Just eat some pickles and THEN get arsoning. And yes. That’s a word. 😆

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