True Detective Stories

So Friday night was a special for me and my career. I was presented with my 25-year service plaque from the police department.

Unfortunately, I reached twenty-five years in 2019, but better late than never, huh?

The plaques were delivered in 2019, and when Covid hit, everything went to hell. A multitude of plaques were left in the captain’s office, and it took the administration two years to remember they were back there.

For the record, those who know me know I don’t like ceremonies, especially when I’m involved. It’s embarrassing, and I would just rather it be handed out and we continue with our day. My lieutenant presented the plague in front of my coworkers, and said a multitude of nice things about me, claiming I have “held this squad together for the seven years (the lieutenant) has been assigned here.”

The speech was very humbling.

My squad bought pizzas, Buffalo wings, and a lot of other goodies, which we could have scarfed down if there weren’t two active shootings. Either way, it was a nice evening for me and my coworker Tommy, who celebrated twenty years in the department.

16 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Congrats…mirrored history…on the occasion of receiving my 25th Silver Platter at the Annual Medical Staff Dinner, I was totally overlooked…took the Medical Staff office over a year to get it to me…after 27 years, resigned from the staff and went to Vanderbilt for 13 years…stalwart producers are always taken for granted…

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  2. Jim – I’m not sure I’ll get my 30-year plaque, though. I fractured my ankle in the academy. I will have 30 years on October 17, 2024, but they took time from me for my injury, so my “longevity date” is March of 2025. Not that I care, but I was wondering if the city will give me the plaque.

    Doc – True enough. The lieutenant said a lot of good things about me, but the best was “he’s reliable.” I arrive at work a half hour early every day, I’m responsible for the phones, the teletype messages, court notices, answering the window, plus my job of assigning and collecting reports.

    Not bitching, but it’s a lot of work, especially is such a busy division. It’s why on work days, I’m not commenting as much. I’m usually too busy.


  3. I left a dead end job back in 1990. And I left my 10 year anniversary certificate hanging on the wall of my cubicle.

    I am once again looking forward to my next pink slip. 17 days to go. 🙂

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  4. TXNick – When I retire I would really like to work someplace quiet. Like a warehouse, or overnight stock boy. Some place where I don’t have to interact with people.


  5. Mike AKA Proof – I’m a moron, but I’m a moron with 27-years experience! I just do what needs to be done, try to take care of my kids in the squad, and keep everyone out of trouble.

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    1. Nobody forces me to do ANYTHING so good luck with that. You’d be a lot greyer.

      And I may be stretching it juuuuuust a bit on the 25 thing. What’s 10 years between friends?!

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  6. Just an aside… I’ve been reading my way through Michael Connelly’s BOSCH series, and I think of you often. Actually, I watched the BOSCH series on Amazon Prime first, and then I started reading the books. Have you read them, or have you seen the show on Prime?


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