True Detective Stories

Sunday evening was a nightmare. We walked into a search warrant for a DNA gun swab, a domestic violence gun pointing incident which needed a search warrant, and a triple shooting which turned into a homicide. Thanks to the city’s mission to defund the police, we only had five detectives working.

No shooting teams, no domestic violence personnel.

At about 5pm, one of the dumber districts brought up a stolen gun report. The story was quite ridiculous, even for this division. The report read more or less as follows:

“The victim stated she was at her mother’s residence and placed a bag on top of her vehicle. The bag contained a handgun and $900 USC – totally believable. The victim drove away with the bag on top of the vehicle, and when she returned – inconceivably – the bag, USC, and firearm were missing.”

The young woman lives outside the city in a fairly wealthy suburb. She simply decided to visit her mother – who lives in one of the city’s most violent, drug-infested neighborhoods – while carrying a bag full of money and a loaded firearm.

I won’t even mention the idiocy of driving around with a bag containing a loaded pistol. Had she been stopped by police she would have, at best, seen her gun confiscated, or at worst, been arrested for firearms violations, since she had no permit to carry.

Although I am not the assigned detective, I can tell you with certainty what happened. The victim drove to Philadelphia “to see her mother,” but never stopped at the house. Instead, she hooked up with one of the local hood rats, and sold the firearm. She made a lot of money, the hood rat received a pistol and a butt-load of ammunition, and the gun will likely be used in a shooting by the end of the week.

Bank on it.

4 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Ronni – She’ll try. They all do in my division. But eventually, the gun will turn up, and we’ll find it was used in a shooting. Then we get to arrest her.


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