Why Does Fauci Still Have A Job?

Doctor Anthony Fauci, who we now know was fully aware the ChiComs were using gain-of-function regarding Covid, now claims you should be vaccinated if you attend a school or wish to travel.

If you are not vaccinated, Fauci believes you should be dismissed from the school and not be allowed to board a plane or a ship.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that Biden’s new vaccine mandates don’t go nearly far enough in enabling the US to reach herd immunity, and that vaccine requirements should be in place for all travel and all educational institutes.

This piece of shite is a fascist, through and through.

Fauci said that “if we get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, we will get to herd immunity. If we do it in the next six months, it will happen in the next six months. If we do it in the next two months, it’ll happen in the next two months.”

Remember “fifteen days to slow the spread?” That was eighteen months ago. Now that the left has full control, they will make damn sure we are not allowed to live our lives for the duration of their time in the White House.

When Fauci was asked if he would support vaccination mandates for travel, he said that he would. “I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people, that you should be vaccinated.”

As long as you aren’t a member of Congress or an illegal immigrant; both those groups are exempt from the vaccine mandate. Funny how that works.

10 thoughts on “Why Does Fauci Still Have A Job?

  1. Cathy – Thwarted Trump at every turn. I will giggle for days when this prick finally kicks.

    Ronni – The administration is chock full of Obama reruns and incompetent lackeys. It’s going to be a long four years.


  2. Starting to think the biggest mistake we made was outlawing Dueling…if we slapped some of these asshats across the face and challenged them to a duel of honor they would either not show because they have none or would piss their pants because someone publically called them out and intends to get satisfaction. Of course, that would most likely lead to having to proclaim them as an endangered species as there would be large swaths removed from the planet as some of us know which way to point the weapon and which end the round comes out of.


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