Cystem Of A Down

Normally I would be at work by now, entering jobs and yelling at Diego. Instead, I took the day off because I have yet another medical procedure. This time, my dermatologist needs to remove a cyst in the back of my head.

And yes, the cyst is likely larger than my brain.

This may be the fifth or sixth cyst I have had removed, all from the head. Apparently Mrs. Earp hits me with a hammer once every few years.

The procedure won’t take long, but I’m a big bleeder with things like this, and I’ll get stitched up afterward. The doc will send the cyst to the lab to see if its cancerous, and I should be back in work tomorrow.

While I’m at it, the Mohs surgery for my skin cancer is two weeks from today. I may be out longer for that, because the previous Mohs surgery cost me twelve stitches in my forehead. It’s not like I’m a handsome man, so bring on the stitches. I just hope they get all the cancer out.

10 thoughts on “Cystem Of A Down

  1. RD – Oh, those were installed years ago. Fifteen stitches for a cyst that looked like two Skittles stuck together. Can’t go to work tomorrow, and I have to sleep sitting down. Apparently, I bled a lot.


  2. What about the scar story?

    “Did I ever tell you about the time I was just sitting there outside and got attacked by the vampire bat that escaped from the Philly Zoo?”

    On a different note, perhaps the number of times you have had to have this done points to some sort of a, ……………………………………….. Cystemic Problem.

    Take care.

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  3. Veeshir – Diego has two sisters. One is a police officer and she is an arrogant bint. The other is fabulous and goes on YouTube to post yoga videos. No, I don’t know the address, or I’d have posted it already.

    John – Nicely played. The worst part of this – besides the pain today – is that the bandages don’t stick because of my hair, and my hair is very short. So I have to press on the bandage, which makes it more painful. Won’t get stitches out until 9/27.


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