Into The Wild Blue Blunder

An airman assigned to Eglin Air Force Base allegedly texted a bomb threat to the base’s dining facility. Apparently he was sick and tired of creamed chipped beef.

Eglin Airforce Base allegedly received a bomb threat from an airman on Sunday.

According to spokeswoman Jasmine Porterfield, the airman who allegedly texted the threat targeting The Breeze Dining facility is assigned to the 96th Test Wing.

Now I’m no detective, but I imagine the base has a list of the personnel assigned there, as well as their cell phone numbers. The airman must spend a lot of time around gas fumes.

According to the base, the airman sent a text to a third party threatening to blow up The Breeze. That person then notified military officials, who responded to The Breeze around 8 p.m.

The dining hall was checked and cleared, but the story does not mention if this genius was arrested.

10 thoughts on “Into The Wild Blue Blunder

  1. I remember waaaayyyy back when my company was finishing boot camp, and the company commander told us that all of us newbie sailors should eat a hearty breakfast, “even if it it SHIrT on a Shingle,” on our graduation day. We were all going to be shipped everywhichaway and needed to have energy for the trip because “no telling when we’d have a chance to eat any thing for the rest of the day.”

    Breakfast was served that morning and it was S.O.S.

    I ate breakfast that night.


  2. Cathy – The illegitimate president said no one will be fired, reprimanded, or otherwise punished. And there are still plenty of Americans behind enemy lines.

    Mike AKA Proof – Only for the non-white airmen, since he’s a big fan of critical race theory.

    TXNick – Sounds yummy.

    Jenn – A guy in my division is in the Air Force reserve, and he concurs.


  3. A “text sent to a third party. ”
    I’d go with the third party being an idiot.
    “If they run out of PB&J one more time I’m gonna blow that place up!”
    OMG! He’s gonna blow up the mess!


  4. MelP – I hear Biden is cutting off Florida’s ice cream ration.

    Veeshir – I’m guessing both the sender and recipient aren’t fit to serve in the Chair Force.


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