True Detective Stories

This isn’t your normal TDS, mostly because it has to do with yours truly. But first, some background.

My division is located in North Philadelphia, arguably the most violent, lawless section of the city. The neighborhood is mostly African-American, and they are split into two categories; the good people who just want to live their lives, and the thugs who shoot those who just want to live their lives. We have had shootings a block away from the division, had officers assaulted outside the building, the occasional bomb threat and many, many traffic violations.

Apparently, the citizens of North Philadelphia drive like it’s Death Race 2000. They drive through the streets at ridiculous speeds, cut people off constantly, and blow red lights at the drop of a hat. You wouldn’t believe the way these a-holes drive. Anyway…

I started my drive home Friday afternoon when I came to a large intersection. I had the red light, and when it changed, I do what I always do – wait a few seconds – because there’s always some POS blowing the light. After the three seconds, I started the left turn when a black female blew through the red light at about 60mph, missing the front of my car by maybe a foot. The speed limit on the road was 35mph.

When my heart started beating again, I threw out some choice words at this bitch, who was already a block away. Apparently, she must have had something akin to a heart attack, because when I looked to see where she was, her car was on the side of the road with her hazard lights on. It also appeared that one of her tires was flat; maybe from her swerving to avoid killing me. I considered going up to her, showing my ID and telling her what a twat she was, but she wasn’t worth the trouble.

The best part? The woman had a Driving School Instructor sticker on her rear windows.

7 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

    1. Part of my job(s) require that I travel frequently. I have actually lost count of the fatalities I have witnessed over the years. Some were quite spectacular. None were pretty.


  1. I learned that when up in Philly for Wizard World round 2005. We went to dinner at a place a friend suggested which was in an old church. On the drive back the cabbie ignored the following things: speed limit, turn signals, yellow lights, red lights, pedestrians, our pleading to God to get us back to the hotel safely. After that we stayed to places to eat where we could walk to like the Hard Rock or stuff in the Market place or even the hotel.


  2. Gary – I-95 through Philly is usually a nightmare, because it has been constant construction for about two decades. The Roosevelt Boulevard – thankfully named for Teddy, not FDR – and Broad Street are also equally terrible. But when it comes down to it, it’s the drivers, not the roadways.

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