Wow, Ohio Really Likes Its Football

An irate Grove City High School coach or fan decided to barricade the referees inside their locker room after the game, because people in Ohio are entirely too enthusiastic about football.

Keith Dalton and his crew of high school football referees, say they were officiating a game between Grove City High School and Central Crossing High School last Friday, when after the game they suddenly got locked inside the Grove City locker room.

“We as a group have now filed charges, against Grove City,” said Dalton, a high school referee, with the Central Ohio Football Association.

I’m not a fan of our litigious society, but I absolutely believe the referees should sue Grove City High School into bankruptcy.

Dalton believes this action was taken against him and his crew for a controversial call made during the game, after which he says an assistant coach for Grove City came onto the field and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Once the game ended, Dalton says he and his crew were inside the locker room being evaluated on their performance, when the door was barricaded from the outside with a vending machine.

Just to be Devil’s Advocate, what would have happened if no one noticed the vending machine, and everyone went home for the day? Or what if the referees couldn’t get out of the locker room? Most high school games are played on Friday, so the referees could have been locked in that room for three days.

Sue the school district, sue the school, and sue the person who locked them in there.

5 thoughts on “Wow, Ohio Really Likes Its Football

  1. I have really mixed feelings about this one. It was wrong for the refs to be locked in, BUT I can remember back when I was in high school, the referees cheating to make sure the local team won the championship instead of the away team, so I can understand the frustration of the fans.

    Oh the other hand, we beat that same team a year later & it was not even close. So thanks for the memories.

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  2. MelP – There are more than a few lacrosse referees who act like that. Kyle and Erik’s high school never got breaks when they play an upper echelon team. I never locked them in a locker room, but I did have some choice words under my breath.

    Ronni – It’s rampant in Philadelphia. Everyone is entitled, or they think they are.

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  3. When the authorities finally settle, the referees should make destruction of the football field and salting the earth so that nothing can grow there part of the settlement agreement. Although it’s obvious no growth has occurred there for quite a while.

    Has anyone ever considered that losing because of arbitrary rule enforcement is something every child should experience? It will definitely get them ready for what the ruling class is doing to us now.

    And maybe if some of those kids ever crack through into the ruling class (good luck with that, by the way), they’ll remember what it was like, losing because of a bad call, or nepotism, or incompetents in charge, and go easy on the rest of us.

    But I dream…

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  4. Mitchell – Kyle spent four years in high school losing lacrosse games. His freshman year was great, but the next three years were awful. Winning two or three games a season. Erik had an amazing season last year, but the other two – he’s a senior this year – were horrible. The college recruiting him the hardest is in a very tough division. If he goes there, he probably won’t win any national titles.

    But that toughens you up, and shows you the world is real.

    Also, when Kyle’s soccer team finished second in the title game, he got a trophy. He looked at it, and said, “Why am I getting this? We lost!”

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