Indiana Wants Him…

Meet George Schroeder, of Evansville, Indiana.

As you can see from his mugshot, George is very tired. He is also having problems with his family members, and he did what every red-blooded American would do in troubled times: he continually called 911 to rant about his issues.

An Indiana man was arrested last week after repeatedly dialing 911 dispatchers just to complain about his lack of energy and issues with his family.

George Schroeder, 61, stands accused of making prohibited 911 calls, according to a police report obtained by Law&Crime.

“Officers were dispatched to the address above for a general complaint,” the document notes–identifying an address in Evansville, Ind., the third-largest city in the state. “Officers were advised that the male caller kept calling in stating he was tired. Dispatch informed officers that he called 911 four times this evening. Officers placed the offender into custody for misuse of the 911 system.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time George deluged the 911 system with personal calls, which is why he was arrested. Perhaps the turnkey will cut George’s hair and maybe give him a shave?

8 thoughts on “Indiana Wants Him…

  1. From the big bags under his eyes I will believe he’s tired. And evidently desperate for attention if he is calling 911 with non-emergency calls. Three hots and a cot in his future and hopefully a shower, shave and haircut.


  2. SEE! This is why we need to defund the police and hire social workers!
    Now this poor inocent man is in the school to prison pipeline. His life is ruined by the fascist police.


  3. Ronni – I’m sure he has plenty of troubles and stress – who doesn’t while the lockdowns continue – but that’s no reason to constantly call 911. He should use his stress to call the White House and the DNC fifty times a day.

    Cathy – Like you do with your sister? 🙂

    RD – I had CPR recertification today and the police academy had a giant banner thanking the civilian workers who were hired to respond to mental health cases. It’ll last less than three months, or until one of the workers is seriously injured.

    Also, the instructor today said there are 1,000 officers on the IOD (Injured On Duty) list, and more than a thousand on the early retirement list.


  4. My father had a similar problem but he would get drunk and write letters to the editor for our local newspaper.
    They printed every one. He was a local hero.
    Check that, local character.
    People loved his drunken, rambling, indignation though.


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