Biden Owes At Least $500,000 In Back Taxes

The illegitimate president, who is planning a $3.5 trillion “tax the rich” bill, apparently owes at least $500,000 in back taxes. The Biden Crime Family strikes again.

Republicans say a new nonpartisan report indicates President Biden improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office — raising eyebrows and the possibility that he owes the IRS as much as $500,000 in back taxes.

A House Ways and Means Committee draft of the bill would end the accounting trick apparently exploited by Biden and boost IRS funding for audits — but the new report, drafted by the Congressional Research Service and provided to The Post, suggests Biden owes taxes under current rules, according to the congressman who requested it.

“Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by $2.1 trillion while claiming the rich need to pay their ‘fair share.’ But in 2017, multimillionaire Joe Biden skirted his payroll taxes — the very taxes that fund Medicare and ObamaCare,” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

Of course, the media won’t call him on it, and even if they did, Biden would just turn around and walk away. Besides, all he has to do is make a call to Ukraine, and boom, a $500,000 “donation” shows up in his bank account.

3 thoughts on “Biden Owes At Least $500,000 In Back Taxes

  1. If that was a normal person the IRS would be knocking on the door and arrest you, but if you have a D by your name it’s rules for thee but not for me.


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