We Can Twerk It Out

After a Washington woman was arrested for assault, she decided to jump on the police officer’s vehicle and start twerking for the audience. Because there are police involved, you already have an idea of what this woman looks like. Editor’s Note: She doesn’t look like Margot Robbie.

Police in Washington state say a woman climbed through the sunroof of a woman’s car to assault her and then twerked on a Pasco police car while officers investigated the fight. Police say the incident happened Wednesday at 4 p.m. when a 28-year-old woman was driving to meet the 37-year-old female suspect.

During the assault, the victim allegedly fired one round from her pistol as a warning shot. Shortly after this, an officer arrived on scene to see the women fighting over the gun. The officer quickly separated the women and secured the pistol.

Police say the suspect was directed to wait at the front of a patrol car. That is when officers say the woman climbed onto the front of the car and began twerking.

Now THIS is the kind of woman who needs to be drafted by the military!

4 thoughts on “We Can Twerk It Out

  1. What was she hoping to accomplish? I honestly don’t understand this type of behavior from adults unless they are drunk, high or both.


  2. “Now THIS is the kind of woman who needs to be drafted by the military!”

    Yeah, the enemy would be too busy barfing to fight.


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