Face Time Turns Into Face Trauma

Meet William Atkinson from Cumberland, Maryland.

William was arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife and punching the male who was banging her in a vehicle.

A Maryland man assaulted his wife after she FaceTimed him while having sex with another man inside a car parked outside a Best Western hotel in Pennsylvania, according to a felony complaint. Upon receiving the video calls, cops say, William Atkinson, 34, asked a friend to drive him to the parking lot so they could confront the victim and her male companion. The duo, Atkinson told police, were “egging him on” during the FaceTime calls.

Wow, you were at a Best Western, and couldn’t even pay for a room?

When Atkinson arrived at the parking lot in Somerset on September 21, he struck the other man, and “then this unknown male fled the scene,” according to a probable cause affidavit that answers few of the obvious questions raised by the incident.

Atkinson, seen above, then allegedly punched and kicked his 32-year-old spouse. The beating left the woman–whom Atkinson said was his wife of three years–severely bruised and bleeding heavily from her face, nose, and mouth.

Having said that, don’t cry for the victim. She’s no angel.

In 2016, the victim was arrested for attempted murder after an argument with her boyfriend ended in gunfire.

Honestly, if you ask me, the wife is much worse than the husband in this incident. Yes, he whooped her ass, but she sent him video of some other guy banging her, before egging him on.

(Thanks much to Mis. Hum. at AOSHQ for the ONT linkage!)

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