The Bristol Swamp

The Bristol City Council (UK) has decided to implement an exciting alternative to keep their parks clean.

Tired of people dumping their litter beside overflowing bins, Bristol City Council aims to remove waste baskets to encourage the public to take their rubbish home with them.

Removing trash cans from trash-filled parks? Brilliant!

One outraged councillor said a trial in Hartcliffe will give visitors the impression the area ‘deserves to wallow in our own rubbish’.

And proposals to remove bins at The Downs raised fears the mess left behind would be ‘just vile’. The idea of removing bins from the beauty spot was first mooted in July, when staff said they could not cope with the ‘mountains’ of rubbish being left behind by day trippers.

Okay, I’m no genius, but I do have a few suggestions for the Bristol City Council. 1. You could implement an eternal flame where citizens to toss their rubbish. 2. You could saturate the park with free Budweiser beer. That’ll shoo the Brits away. 3. Oh, I don’t know, maybe hire someone to pick up the bloody trash!

6 thoughts on “The Bristol Swamp

  1. Maybe the solution is more and larger trash cans? Naaah! that is too simplistic.
    How about picking up the trash more often? Oh! But then they would need to leave the office more often, where it is warm in winter, cool in summer, dry all the time, and the tea pot is just a short walk away.


  2. Let’s make this area a park for people to enjoy, people have left trash… let’s put cans around the park to encourage people to put their trash in those instead of the ground. People drive by and dump their trash in the cans and around them because of funding cutbacks that have reduced the trash pickups from 3 times a week to once a week or twice a month. Truck can only hold so much trash and some is left behind, I know lets remove the trash cans so people won’t have any place to put the trash and we have solved the problem we created when we cut funding for pickups.
    I have long said Common Sense is so rare these days only Garden Gnomes and concrete abutments have it and the Gnomes are losing it quickly.

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  3. RD – I mean, when it’s biscuit time, you drop everything.

    Gary – In North Philly, I see these clowns throw out fast food bags, including the giant soda cups. I mean, you can’t wait until you get home?


  4. I will suggest that no trash cans semi works at Battery Park here in New Castle DE. Everyone is expected to take their trash with them and for the most part it happens. This park is always loaded with peeps and is a hot Pogo area. I am not suggesting it will work in all parks. When I moved to DE I was skeptical at first but have seen over time at least in this instance it works. Then again there are a lot of “Karens” in the town.


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