Well, That Was Fun

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is my surgeon was absolutely fantastic. He explained everything he was going to do, and didn’t beat around the bushes. I was told I may be in the office for an hour or for eight hours, depending upon whether all the cancer was removed. The first time I had Mohs surgery, it took nearly eight hours. Today? Ninety minutes!

The doc removed all the cancer in the first slice, and while he showed me the hole in my head – one of many – he said the entirety of the cancer was removed.

The bad news is he also stated the recurrence of the cancer is high, and in a few years, I may have to have another procedure. This time the cancer was in the same spot as the previous occurrence, and unlike the first time, I have fifteen stitches in my forehead, instead of the dozen I needed the first time.

Post-op, I was told I need to do practically nothing for the next few days. No exercise, no aspirin for pain – it could cause blood thinning – no heavy lifting, etc. Which means I’m not able to go back to work until Monday. They’ll remove the stitches Wednesday, and I’ll be back to normal again.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.

Oh, the picture of the stitches is below the fold for those who asked…

34 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fun

  1. Great to hear the good news!

    Now, can we start a betting pool for the Over/Under on the number of unassigned jobs waiting for you when you get back?


  2. Ronni – The stitch string is longer than I thought. It’s a couple inches down the forehead. But it’s better than having the cancer there.

    Rudy – One of the good ones did the desk yesterday. I heard Diego is working it today. So the over/under should be 40.

    Also, the Biden post above is scheduled for 1pm. It’s hard to keep things straight when your head feels like it’s going to bust open.


  3. Steve – Thanks. I’m bored to death because I can’t jog, ride the bike, or do pretty much anything until Saturday. I can feel myself getting fatter.

    Jenn – No chance of that. I was going to post a photo of the stitches, but thought better of it.


  4. Glad you are doing ok Wyatt. I had the Mohs procedure on my shoulder about 5 weeks ago. They dug out a chunk about the size of my thumb and I had stitches from my collar bone to my armpit. I am just now getting back to work. Good luck and I hope it doesn’t come back.


  5. RG – Thanks. The giant bandage had some blood and when I went to remove it, it took a lot of my hair. Not that I have much anyway.

    VM – I had been jogging with a cap on and cycling with a helmet. It still got me! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Piano – It’s never fun, but I’m glad all the cancer is removed. Hope your recovery is permanent. This is the second time, both in same spot.


  6. Best wishes for a full recovery Wyatt.

    I had a melanoma removed from the top of my thigh years ago, and the damn thing looked like I had been attacked by a shark. I still have a pretty good dent in my leg…and I use the shark story as an opener when asked about it…heh.


  7. Glad to hear it is gone. They say chicks dig scars, but they don’t dig the stitches and the supurating goo.

    My guess is 92 jobs in the queue.


  8. Aetius – Thank you. Not sure who mentioned it, but I appreciate it.

    Mike47 – Maybe tomorrow if I remember. The one earlier was blurry.

    Browndog – Cancer goes in the water, shark goes in the water, our shark…

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  9. Nice scar. Great conversation piece. You could tell people you were in a knife fight with a crazed cop killer. You’ll need a shirt with fake blood stains to go with it.


  10. Mike47 – I’ve had a headache since the surgery. Like every day. It’s annoying, but I think it’s from the bandages pressing on the stitches. The real life story would be me hitting my head getting out of the car.

    Mario – Thanks. I should be back to work on Monday.


    1. I’ll bet. Makes my abscesssd tooth look like child’s play. (Getting yanked Thursday- yay…)

      I am sorry re your rough week- glad for your decent prognosis. God bless, my good man.

      Keep up the good fight. ๐Ÿ‘


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