Trust Your Blue City Politicians

The city of Chicago has decided to place nearly 500 “Bleeding Control Kits’ in city and public buildings around the crime-infested city. Apparently, the hundreds of murders and shootings are choking Chicago’s hospitals and trauma wards.

The City of Chicago is installing hundreds of kits in city buildings to treat bleeding gunshot victims under a new program officials say could help save lives in an emergency.

Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications announced earlier this month that the city has begun installing 426 wall mounted “Bleeding Control Kits” in 269 buildings across the city.

Imagine how many homicides and shootings Chicago has that this program needed to be implemented.

Those buildings include City Hall, Chicago Public Library locations, the Chicago Cultural Center, medical clinics, senior centers and more.

OEMC said the kits are being installed under a new program called “Safe Chicago” in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and the city’s Assets and Information Services.

“Safe Chicago” may be the most hilarious oxymoron I have ever heard. Instead of, say, putting Bleeding Control Kits in city buildings, how about you ask Mayor Groot to enforce the law and lock up the shooters? Or say, for instance, you stop deriding the police officers who have to deal with dozens of shootings every day?

9 thoughts on “Trust Your Blue City Politicians

  1. Veeshir – Concur. Philly has maybe one or two officers in City Hall. I suspect Chicago is the same way, so anyone who wants to swipe these kits would probably find it easy as pie.

    But the leftists will think this is a feel-good story, so no questions will be asked.


  2. Knowing the way these cities are run, I’m sure the kits will be stolen, lacking supplies, or in the wrong place.


  3. In ten years, we’ll all be saying about these bleeding kits what people are whispering about Narcan, i.e., that they’re saving lives that probably should have been permitted to end.

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  4. Mitchell – You’re not wrong.

    Ingineer – Yeah, that’s the problem. We’re at 418 homicides, six of them over the weekend. Yet our mayor and D.A. do nothing to lock these people up. They usually get out on bail for shootings, and lenient sentences for homicides.


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