Gird Your Loins!

The Department of Homeland Security, a department which has done nothing as thousands of illegals walk through the southern border, claims America will see close to 400,000 new illegals this month alone.

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security is quietly gearing up for a surge of “350,000 to 400,000” migrants in the month of October, and believes the border could see a huge influx of activity if the Title 42 COVID restriction on asylum lifts on Friday.

Pfft, what’s nearly half a million illegals amongst friends?

Title 42, instituted during the Trump administration, allows the federal government to “expel” immigrants, including asylum seekers, back to their home country without a hearing, over concerns that they could contribute to the spread of COVID-19. The Biden administration has kept Title 42 in force, but that could end as early as Friday, after a federal judge ruled that COVID-19 restrictions put in place in March 2020 were no longer necessary.

If Title 42 lifts, DHS believes it could see hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers at the border, easily surpassing the record-breaking numbers of migrants seen over the summer.

It’s very disturbing that Americans voted for a “president” who literally hates America.

6 thoughts on “Gird Your Loins!

  1. Amazing how the Border has gone to hell since February? What Changed?

    Seriously. Park a few US Army brigades and Marine MEU on the border at the gaps in the wall. Call up the Guard if necessay. This is not illegal immimmigration, this is a full out Colonizing Invasion. Aided and abetted by our own government.


  2. Time for some leadership in DC. There sure isn’t any there now. (What’s this I hear that Obama is secretly running everything the White House does?)


  3. Rd – 100% correct. Abbott needs to send the Guard there and either arrest of turn away every single immigrant. It’s his state; will he do nothing to protect it?

    Mike47 – I heard his lackeys are running the show – Jarrett and Rice – which would explain how quickly the country is dying.

    Veeshir – Oh, it won’t be long. Every one of these groups will live of the taxpayers dole, and enjoy welfare for the rest of their days.


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