How About Another Belt?

It’s been a while since I posted about the kids, so I figured a lazy Sunday would do the trick. On Friday night, Kevin and Princess P had a belt test for their martial arts program. Both Kevin and Princess P have their junior black belts, so Kevin was earning his black belt with green stripe (above), and Julia earned her black belt with yellow stripe.

The test was very rigorous, took an hour, and they both performed very well. Julia seemed to be kicking much harder than Kevin, but Kevin was punching so hard, I thought he was going to put a hole through the punching bag. They also worked with other students, sparring, and using self-defense tactics.

As you can see above, Julia had a bad hair day after all the fighting, and Kevin was really sweaty. It was all worth it, though, because every belt test is closer to an adult black belt. It’s something both Kevin and Princess P love doing, and it keeps them in shape.

Their sensei – to the right of Kevin – has a video of Kevin working, kicking once in regular time, and jumping in the air before kicking in slow-motion. He looks like Neo from The Matrix.

I’m very proud of them both.

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