Never Deliver A Baby In Turkey

A Turkish woman was flying into the United States – Chicago, of all places – when she started having a medical emergency. In this case, her water broke.

The doctor, Feridun Kubilay, was traveling from Turkey to New Orleans, with a stop in Chicago, according to multiple reports. During the flight, he heard an announcement over the plane’s loudspeaker asking if there were any doctors on board.

He found that the mother was reporting abdominal pain. Although he initially believed the pain was caused by appendicitis or food poisoning, her husband later told Kubilay that she was traveling just weeks before her due date.

The dude didn’t know the difference between pregnancy and appendicitis?

The doctor had to rotate the baby during the delivery, but the boy was born safely, and the flight landed in Chicago. A medical team was waiting at the airport for the mother and child.

The mother named the baby Mehdi.

The mother then named the doctor partially incompetent.

5 thoughts on “Never Deliver A Baby In Turkey

  1. Was the new mom wearing a Taliban-approved tent? Remember, a male doctor probably can’t touch her, so how would he know if she was knocked up or just had an upset stomach.


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