Blue Cities Tackling “Police Reform”

With the calls for “police reform” in blue states, some blue cities are not waiting for a federal implementation of police reform. Instead, they are reforming their city’s police departments on their own, with what will likely be disastrous results.

As police reform stalls at the federal level, some blue states are forging ahead with their own law enforcement overhauls. In California, the reforms established procedures for stripping the badges from officers found to have engaged in misconduct by a civilian advisory panel.

The new reforms also expanded a ban on using chokeholds, raised the minimum age for new officers to 21 from 18, and placed restrictions on the use of tear gas and rubber bullets in crowd control situations.

I find it hilarious that Newsom went back to full Stalin right after his recall election.

In Austin, Texas, a combination of staffing shortages and police reform demands from activists resulted in a new policy , which took effect on Friday, that discourages members of the public from calling 911 unless in immediate danger.

Despite what people say, Austin is a shite-hole, so this does not surprise me…

Speaking of…

In Minneapolis, voters will decide in November whether to approve a ballot measure abolishing the police department altogether and replacing it with a community-focused department of public safety.

Minneapolis is a dying city, and I urge it to die more quickly.

In Boston, officials are preparing to consider recommendations from a police reform task force that called for the Boston Police Department to expand body camera use, establish an independent office to investigate misconduct, and focus on “diversity and inclusion.”

Remember a few years ago, when the Boston Police were the darlings of the city after the Boston Marathon Bombing? Yeah, those days are gone forever, and I sincerely hope those officers – and those in the other cities – find work elsewhere. It’s not difficult to transfer to a new department, especially if you left another department. Let these blue cities pay for their actions, and maybe they can hire counselors to respond to the stabbings and shootings.

4 thoughts on “Blue Cities Tackling “Police Reform”

  1. I have a huge number (80+) of relatives in the Minneapolis area. Most of them have no interest in moving, the younger ones are, though.

    I assume, in our current cyberpunk dystopia, that after the professional cops are removed, corporate police or brownshirts will take their place.


  2. MelP – Make sure you have a photo of a gun on the sign. Austin residents are dolts.

    Cathy – Even better.

    Mark – Agreed. They’re doing their best to get rid of cops. The a/c in our building has been out for days. It’s currently 86 degrees in here, and the city is doing everything in their power to force people with time on the job to quit. This way, they can hire new officers at a lower pay rate.


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