Princess P Invited To The Nerd Prom

So last week, Julia brought home a flier from her school. Apparently there is an annual Sciathlon at Villa Joseph Marie High School – a private girl’s high school a few miles outside Philadelphia – where representatives from local elementary schools show off their math and science prowess.

Guess who was invited to participate?

The sciathlon is scheduled for Friday, and she seems pretty excited about it. She gets along with the other three girls on the team, and it’ll be a good experience, and something she can add to her resume. I told Princess P to just go out there and have a good time, and win or be jettisoned from the family.

Win or lose, I’m very proud of her.

P.S. – Almost forgot, Kevin is taking another test at Holy Ghost Prep today. This one is for finanical aid. The better he does, the more he receives. Please give him some good thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Princess P Invited To The Nerd Prom

  1. Rudy – Kevin said he did well on the test. There were 296 questions and he said he only rushed about fifteen because time was running out. Julia has three good teammates with her, so she’ll definitely have fun.

    JimBob – You’re not wrong. My oldest is 20 already. Time flies.


  2. You have exceptional kids, so she will do very well. When she gets home, have her draw a picture or two of the experience. That would be interesting to see.


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