Biden Lifts Sanctions On Iran’s Missiles

The dementia-addled illegitimate president has decided it is time to lift sanctions on the terror state of Iran. Specifically, the “president” has lifted any and all sanctions on the Iranian missile program.

President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly lifted sanctions on two Iranian entities involved in Iran’s missile program just as Iran is believed to be closing in on having enough nuclear fuel to build a nuclear bomb.

I sincerely hope our friends in Israel understand the United States is no longer their friend, and America will not be there to help when things go south. Iran will attack when they get the opportunity.

“The sanctions, targeting the Mammut Industrial Group and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel, were originally imposed by the Trump administration in September 2020 as part of efforts to increase a maximum pressure campaign of sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear activity and actions in the region criticized as malign and destabilizing,” The Hill reported. “The entities were identified as being ‘key producers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use goods for Iran’s missile programs.’”

So in a few years, Iran will have nuclear weapons, and their first target will be Israel. Helluva job, Biden; you’re effectively enabling a nuclear war.

The Trump administration had imposed crushing sanctions on Iran, which is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, in an effort to get the country to abandon its nuclear program.

Remember when we had a president would would crack down on bad actors? It appears those days are gone forever, now that the illegitimate president has embraced China, Russia, and Iran.

7 thoughts on “Biden Lifts Sanctions On Iran’s Missiles

  1. Well, Biden’s secret weapon is our soon to be all tranny military.

    After the enemies take one look at what we are sending after them, they will roll over an die laughing.


  2. Israel will not allow Iran’s nuclear program to proceed. They are very capable of wiping Iran of the face of the earth, and it just may come to that. What is terrible is we have certainly lost Israel as an ally, and probably any hope of staying welcome there. Biden will be able to take credit for lighting the fuse that will ignite a full-scale war in the Middle East.


  3. Mike47 – In just a few short months, Biden destroyed all the goodwill President Trump gave toward Israel. They are now, like as in WWII, without allies.


    1. Biden not only rendered Israel without allies, he even did the same for us too. Congrats for the twofer you brain addled commie prick.


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