Source: Jax ATCs Walked Off The Job

According to fairly reliable sources, the air traffic controllers at Jacksonville International Airport walked off the job in protest of Covid vaccine mandate. Every. Single. One. The FAA apparently asked the media to not report on this, but many employees at Jax are confirming. There have been a reported 650 flights canceled yesterday, with no end in sight.

Mass flight cancellations were blamed on limited staffing at the Jacksonville Air Traffic Control Center in Hilliard and weather Friday night, according to the FAA.

Several flights in and out of Florida were either canceled or delayed Friday night.

Hmm, that’s interesting because a Jacksonville meteorologist claimed the skies were clear.

Action News Jax Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh says the weather was clear in the area long before the delays were reported.

Obviously, this sucks for those passengers who need to get home or to get to their destinations, but I cannot blame the ATCs for walking off the job. Forced vaccines were never going to work, and eventually people were going to rebel. Apparently it’s already happening.

Tom Sauer on Twitter has a string about this, and it certainly looks like the air traffic controllers walked off the job. I guess Jax can either fire all the controllers, or rescind the mandate. New York has fired 1,400 unvaccinated workers, including doctors and nurses for not getting the vaccine. United Airlines fired 600 of their employees, and even police departments are firing officers for refusing the vax.

I’m glad people are starting to fight these mandates – I wish I did – especially after some of the side effects appear alarming. It’s nice to see people rising up against fascism.

13 thoughts on “Source: Jax ATCs Walked Off The Job

  1. Mike AKA Proof – They;ll do it, too, because they’re all about defunding the police. I have a friend in Seattle and she refuses to leave. I think it’s going to get dicey there soon enough.

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  2. Imagine if Trump’s FAA had asked the media to not report on something like that.

    My job said if Biden requires vaccinations they’re gonna have to do it, I work in a machine shop full of right wingers, people who make me look like Lyndsey Graham, they’re going to lose much of their workforce.
    Everybody is hiring machine shop workers in Phoenix, we’ll all get jobs the next day.


  3. The owner of the metal shop I work at has said she isn’t getting it so I don’t think she will mandate the jab. But then I am just a shipping guy and could be replaced easily if it goes that way but currently we need more people and very few are coming in for interviews.


  4. Veeshir – If Philly started firing cops, they would just head to the suburban departments and likely get picked up. Already trained, have time on the job, and would enjoy the lack of homicides.

    Gary – Plus, the work force is suffering from shortages. I’m sure you’d find something else quickly. I didn’t want the jab, but I also didn’t want to be fired. Not because I like the job – I hate it anymore – but if I stay until 11-1-24, I get my DROP money. It’s the only reason I’m staying. Then, hopefully, we leave this state and never return.


  5. Also if more people start walking off the needed jobs and things start to crash and burn and people can’t get places the airlines and other big companies that will start to lose business and better still start having to make huge refunds to those trapped because they can’t get back home will suddenly become news and the reverse will leave skid marks that the ISS can see.


  6. I got vaccinated early in March and April. Getting Vaxxed assured my not really healthy, overweight 60-something self access to my elderly parents in Assisted Living. I also used to recommend everyone get vaccinated.

    Then I saw how unreasonable, and how dictatorially they are pushing the vaccines, even to people with previous COVID Cases. It is borderline insane, and now my WTF? Paranoia Alarm is clanging. My new personal (Not a Doctor, Not in healthcare) opinion is that you should ONLY get vaccinated if you are over 55, or overweight, or diabetic, or have any other co-morbidity, AND HAVE NOT had COVID yet. (Remember, I am NOT A DOCTOR.)

    I now support anyone not getting vaxxed for any reason at this point, especially anyone that has had the Chinese Coronavirus previously.

    The vaccine doesnot last long, so Vaxxed or Not Vaxxed, make sure you take plenty of Vitamin C, Zinc, and especially Vitamin D. According to a new paper, 50mg/mol of Vitamin D will prevent fatalities. Get your doctor to check your vit. D level. Anything below 20 Ng/Mol is really bad.


  7. On the job I recently left (end of contract was timed perfectly for what insanity followed), our supervisor too the jab to prove how harmless it was and nothing to fear. He came to work the following day, stayed to about 10 AM, and was out two days recovering.

    Two co-workers took the jab…. and were out two or three days recovering. One said that after enduring the side effects, they would have to shoot him with a .45 before he’d submit to another jab.

    Since I’m pretty sure I’ve already recovered from the W.H.O.-Kung-Flu, I’m unvaccinated, i.e. a Pureblood. If I do cross the river Styx as a result of the CCP virus, I’ll do it as a man…. not as a lab rat.

    Bottom line is: if you want to take the jab, that is (or should be) your decision. Don’t want to take it, ditto. No government, nor company, has the right to force you to participate in an experiment.


    1. And once again, I need to proofread my comment before posting:

      “…our supervisor too the jab” should be “took the jab”.


      1. BTW, my personal daily regimen has a daily dose of One-A-Day 50+ vitamin plus zinc, washed down with 8 to 10 ounces of tonic water (contains quinine) with about a tablespoonful of lime juice. I’ve been doing that since I went to Indonesia in 1994. Lots of mosquitos there, and the quinine in the tonic water assisted the larium I took during the year I spent there. An old-school doctor advised me to do that. I developed a taste for it, and just kept doing it. I think it helped me shake off the kung-flu in a few days.


  8. Gary – For what it’s worth, I’m hearing the problem is Southwest Airlines. Apparently other flights were leaving Jax, but Southwest is forcing the shot on all their personnel.

    RD – I’ve been taking at least 2,000 IU of Vitamin D since I caught Covid. I actually hope I catch it again, because maybe I’ll get my antibodies back. The push for the job has nothing to do with science. It has to do with power and money.

    TXNick – I got the Pfizer and had no side effects other than a few day’s pain in the arm. The link above in the last paragraph convinced me that Kevin and Julia will not get the jab. Apparently some people getting the vaccine have seen their natural immunity go haywire.


    1. “The Jab,” is just an experiment. In every experiment, there is a control group. I’m part of that.

      But if I have to take a jab, I’ll go with the Pfizer. They make viagra. Therefore, if they can raise the dead, they should be able to protect the living.


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